18 Excellent Google Chrome Facebook Extensions

2013 brought a lot of new people to Google Chrome as the browser has been toying with the top browser spot throughout the year. Extensions for Chrome have all types of uses, allowing you to do virtually anything with the Google browser. With the help of some Google Chrome web apps and extensions, you can tame the social media beast and add or remove things you don’t like.

We’ve listed 18 of the most popular and useful Chrome extensions for Facebook that you can install in your Google Chrome browser. One of the most popular is the Facebook extension, which makes the Facebook experience simpler and cleaner on Chrome. If you love Google chrome and you also use Facebook so much then you must install these extensions.So without wasting more time let see these extensions.

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1. Facebook

Millions of people use Facebook everyday to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.


2. Facebook Photo Uploader

Drag and drop your photos directly from your computer to Facebook.

Facebook Photo Uploader

3. Facebook Chat Platinum App

Access options from Chrome’s extension settings (chrome://chrome/extensions/), in right-click menu from Facebook or in main Facebook Chat window settings menu.

Facebook Chat Platinum App

4. Facebook Most Recent Default

This extension makes sure “Most recent” is always the default option in facebook.

Facebook Most Recent Default

5. Facebook Cover Maker & Editor

TimelineCovers.pro gives you the possibility to create your very own Facebook covers without any software, skills or other requirements, directly on the website.

Facebook Cover Maker & Editor

6. SimplyCast Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing can be as simple as scheduling a post to appear on your wall, to running an elaborate contest that will have your brand going viral over the Internet.

SimplyCast Facebook Marketing

7. Facebook Album Browser

This app is useful for all those facebook users who like to view photos of their friends but are frustrated because of multiple clicks required to open a friend’s album.

Facebook Album Browser

8. Facebook Games

We’ve gathered the best sim and strategy games which are very similar and maybe much better than the games on Facebook such as Farmville, Cityville, Mafia Wars etc.

Facebook Games

9. Facebridge

Access Facebook from your office or schooll bypassing Firewalls and blockings. Stay secure and anonymous.


10. Facebook Store

Import your ecommerce products into a storefront on your Facebook Page in minutes.

Facebook Store

11. Color Changer for Facebook

This is a free color changer for customizing backgrounds and foregrounds to create themes and theme facebook the way you want with our customize!

Color Changer for Facebook

12. Photo Zoom for Facebook

Enlarge and zoom your photos when you hover over them. Make a FB photo or picture bigger quickly!

Photo Zoom for Facebook

13. Facebook Vintage Cover

Here is the app to make a nice Facebook cover with vintage style out of it. Here you can change all the images to form a vintage style and pinned into Facebook as your cover.

Facebook Vintage Cover

14. Image Resizer for Facebook

Resize images before posting them on facebook.

Image Resizer for Facebook

15. Link for Facebook™

You can find more direct link with same design : search “intuitisoft” in chrome web store.

Link for Facebook™

16. Notification Sounds for Facebook

Sounds will play as soon as you are notified that you have a new Facebook alert. You will still hear the alerts sound even if you are on a different tab!

Notification Sounds for Facebook

17. Funny Facebook Status Updates

Funny Facebook Status, Tweets, Quotes, Jokes. Just 3 secs to light urself. Share with ur friends and create a positive environment!

Funny Facebook Status Updates

18. SockChat Dating & Video Chat

This is no angry bird clone, nor fancy pants adventure. But this does help you spread good karma! Similar to linkedIn endorsement but tons easier.

SockChat Dating & Video Chat

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