20 Spooky Horror Logos Examples

Using a logo is a must for every business -may it be online or offline. Your company’s logo is basically the main tool for your business. Therefore, it should look attractive, clear in appearance and must be a good communicator. But what should you do to impress your client? What should you do to be sure that your designs will be accepted?

So, here in this post I have compiled a list of creative horror logo designs for your inspiration. Logos that are terrifying to look at are good as long as they show the fundamental principles of the company and attract the clients. Hope you will like them. While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that I missed some other great resources. Feel free to share it with us.

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2. Horror Films

Horror Films

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4. Radoslav Slavnic, Horror Writer

Radoslav Slavnic, Horror Writer

5. The Late Night Stories

The Late Night Stories

6. Demon


7. Zombie Outrun Logo

Zombie Outrun Logo

8. TerrorPene


9. Vampire Records

Vampire Records

10. Logo Redesign

Logo Redesign

11. DeadHouse


12. egzecut


13. Lost Bill

Lost Bill

14. Evil Cat

Evil Cat

15. Exiled from Sanity

Exiled from Sanity

16. Pitch Black

Pitch Black

17. Monster Farm

Monster Farm

18. Spooky


19. 31 Days of Horror

31 Days of Horror

20. Darkmoon


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