A Roundup of Free WordPress MP3 Player Plugins

WordPress has become one of the web’s dominant web site design and content management systems. Most developers and bloggers to add the plugins in their WordPress websites to enhance the website quality. WordPress has many powerful plugins for playing and managing audio files on your WordPress website. There are thousands of premium and free plugins for WordPress blog available around the world. So, here in this post I’m going to share with you most useful MP3 player plugins for WordPress websites. The plugins are listed in no particular order, but are separated into categories to make for easier browsing. Hope you will like them.

1. HTML5 MP3 Player with Playlist

Allows WordPress users to easily use HTML5 the element enable native audio playback within the browser.

HTML5 MP3 Player with Playlist

2. HTML5 jQuery Audio Player

This trendy looking music player lets you add a single audio track or a full playlist to your WordPress site using shortcode.

HTML5 jQuery Audio Player

3. EsAudioPlayer

This is a simple, cross-browser, accessible audio player (MP3 player) plugin.


4. Flash MP3 Player

This plugin can display a highly customizable MP3 player on your sidebar, in a single post page or any other places on your blog pages.

Flash MP3 Player

5. MP3-jPlayer

Add mp3 audio players to posts, pages, and sidebars. HTML5 / Flash. Uses jPlayer.


6. CodeArt – Google MP3 Player

The plugin ‘CodeArt – Google MP3 Audio Player (for WordPress)’ will allow you to embed mp3 audio files in a player where you want on the post(s), page(s) and/or sidebar(s).

CodeArt - Google MP3 Player

7. WP-Filebase Download Manager

Adds a powerful download manager including file categories, downloads counter, widgets, sorted file lists and more to your WordPress blog.

WP-Filebase Download Manager

8. Total Control HTML5 Audio Player Basic

The Total Control HTML5 Audio Player is jQuery plugin that streams audio and features a manageable playlist.

Total Control HTML5 Audio Player Basic

9. Zanmantou Web Audio/Video Player

Zanmantou is a Flash based, high scalable, simply customizable, Video and Audio player.

Zanmantou Web Audio/Video Player

10. Haiku Minimalist Audio Player

A simple HTML5-based audio player that inserts a text link or graphical player for audio playback.

Haiku Minimalist Audio Player

11. Cool Video Gallery

Cool Video Gallery is a Video Gallery plugin for WordPress with option to upload videos, add Youtube videos and manage them in multiple galleries.

Cool Video Gallery

12. oEmbed HTML5 Audio

This plugins adds possibility to place audio files into posts and pages using the oEmbed technology used by WordPress for other purposes (YouTube videos etc).

oEmbed HTML5 Audio

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