13 Best Recipes Widgets for WordPress Food Blogs

Many food enthusiasts have started their own food blogs in the past few years. It is much cheaper to start a business in this field than it used to be years ago. Many professional food websites provide widgets that you can include on your blog or homepage to display interesting new recipes.

So if you’re a WordPress food blogger looking for some new toys for your website, check out some of these recipe widgets for WordPress. While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that I missed some other great resources. Feel free to share it with us. You may be interested in the following posts: Premium WordPress Parallax Templates, Shortcodes Plugins for WordPress and Grunge Brushes for Photoshop.

1. GetMeCooking Recipe Template

A WordPress recipe plugin for food bloggers. Display one or more recipes per page with print, recipe search, custom layout, SEO and other features.

GetMeCooking Recipe Template

2. WP Social SEO Booster

WP Social SEO Booster adds Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Card and Google Rich Snippets (Microdata / schema.org) to your site to boost your sites search engine visibility.

WP Social SEO Booster

3. Kitchenbug

Kitchenbug is the ultimate tool for food bloggers, providing full recipe nutritional analysis, rich-snippets compliance, unit conversion and more.


4. Yakadanda ReciPress Extended

A WordPress plugin that extends the Recipress Plugin to allow for data in main RSS Feed, cleans output for Recipes with no Instructions, allows for printable Recipes.

Yakadanda ReciPress Extended

5. Auto Post Images (API)

Automatically adds images to posts without having to edit the post. You can choose to have images selected at random or using the POST ID or POST SLUG.

Auto Post Images (API)

6. Recipe of the Day

Plugin “Recipe of the Day” displays categorized recipes on your blog. There are over 20,000 recipes in 40 categories. Recipes are saved on our database, so you don’t need to have space for all that information.

Recipe of the Day

7. SEO, Nutrition and Print for Recipes

This is the recipe plugin which makes it easiest for you to format your recipe and make it Google friendly.

SEO, Nutrition and Print for Recipes

8. ShopEat – Recipe to Grocery list

ShopEat for wordpress Plugin allows you to add ShopEat button to all your recipes in your blog.

ShopEat - Recipe to Grocery list

9. RecipeCan Recipes

This is the WordPress plugin that we use to manage all of the recipes on the RecipeCan Blog. It allows any WordPress blogger to post, edit, and browse recipes and photos.

RecipeCan Recipes

10. Minecraft Item Library

Adds the ability to create a Minecraft item/block/recipe/monster library using custom post types.

Minecraft Item Library

11. Recipes to Grocery Lists

Automatically add organized grocery lists with nutritional estimates to your recipe posts.  It’s as easy as clicking a button to insert a grocery list link or image wherever you like.

Recipes to Grocery Lists

12. Cook Recipes

You can post cook recipes easily with this post but i will create new views for this plugin in next version.

Cook Recipes

13. Laveem Nutrition Label

Laveem is a company dedicated to providing the world with tools to make healthier food decisions.

Laveem Nutrition Label