25+ Outstanding Red Business Card Designs

A business card is a small card given to clients and potential customers that conveys the overall image of a business. The business card must be attractive and distinct so that it leaves a lasting impression on others. Red embodies and conjures up images of achievement, creativity, productive energy, power, excitement and passion.

The red color is symbolic of power, courage and strength. It exudes a lot of positive energy and attracts the eyes instantly. Therefore, in this post I have gathered 27 very creative red business cards design that will surely stand out above the rest. Hope this will inspire you in creating your own personalized business card.

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1. Unit – Red Business Card

Unit - Red Business Card

2. JakeIves Business Card

JakeIves Business Card

3. Genius Division Letterpress Business Card

Genius Division Letterpress Business Card

4. Hot Popsicle

Hot Popsicle

5. French Twist Business Cards

French Twist Business Cards

6. Creative Nerds and Timothy Blake Business Card

Creative Nerds and Timothy Blake Business Card

7. Ogneborsky Fire-fighting Equipment Identity

Ogneborsky Fire-fighting Equipment Identity

8. Creative Red Business Card

Creative Red Business Card

9. Letterpress Business Card

Letterpress Business Card

10. Redtower Corporate Identity

Redtower Corporate Identity

11. Elegant Business Card

Elegant Business Card

12. Red Yeti business Card

Red Yeti business Card

13. New Business Cards

New Business Cards

14. Minimal Style Business Card

Minimal Style Business Card

15. Canuck Abroad

Canuck Abroad

16. Modern Business Card

Modern Business Card

17. Clear Plastic Business Card

Clear Plastic Business Card

18. Logo and Business Card Design

Logo and Business Card Design

19. B-Card


20. Bridge Photographic Business Card

Bridge Photographic Business Card

21. Aluhu Creative

Aluhu Creative

22. Bright Red Letterpress Business Card

Bright Red Letterpress Business Card

23. Tiko Trip Design

Tiko Trip Design

24. Pinkard Business Card

Pinkard Business Card

25. Pediatric ID Society

Pediatric ID Society

26. Okami Sushi House – Card

Okami Sushi House - Card

27. Letterpress Calling Cards in Red

Letterpress Calling Cards in Red