20 Creative Book Covers Designs

A book’s cover has a big job, it has to sell readers in seconds. Cover designs are probably the hardest thing for designers to design because it should show the heart and the soul of the book in one single image. Color also plays a big role in making a book cover eye catching. A black and white book cover can stand out more than one with every possible color in it, because of the way the colors are used.

In this post, I collected some of best and attractive book cover designs created in a lot of different styles and designed by brilliant designers over of the world. Another easy way to design book covers, RipeConcepts business cards and color brochure printing.

Most of the book covers I picked here are made by designers so maybe I’ll start reading a little more. You may also want to check out these resources whilst your reading:

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4. Final Destination Book Trilogy

Final Destination Book Trilogy

5. Gate of Souls, Book Cover

Gate of Souls, Book Cover

6. The Oil Book Cover

The Oil Book Cover

7. MoonClan’s Prophecy – Book Cover

MoonClan's Prophecy - Book Cover

8. Honalee Book Cover

Honalee Book Cover

9. Amazing Book Covers

Amazing Book Covers

10. Nice Book Covers

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11. Creative Book Cover Design

Creative Book Cover Design

12. And Another Thing – UK Book Cover

And Another Thing - UK Book Cover

13. Treasure Island

Treasure Island

14. Un Libro de Cantos

Un Libro de Cantos

15. Secrets of The Olive

Secrets of The Olive

16. Wooden Celtic Book

Wooden Celtic Book

17. Rodrigo Munoz Avia

Rodrigo Munoz Avia

18. The Creativity Formula

The Creativity Formula

19. Verne Series

Verne Series

20. When We Were Romans

When We Were Romans

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