22 Reliable Macro Photography Examples

Macro photography is the art of taking close-up pictures that reveal details which can’t be seen with the naked eye. This usually requires a special lens that is optimized to focus sharply on a small area. It’s a fascinating technique, and something every photographer should explore from time to time. It gives us a glimpse into the world of the very small, which goes largely unnoticed by us as we hurriedly shuffle through our day.

Today I’m showcasing some of awesome macro photographs to inspire you to experiment yourselves. A round-up of some truly revealing and inspiring macro photographs which are sure to have you marveling at the world around you. Remember to check each photographer’s page, these guys are really talented. You may also be interested in the following related posts: raindrop photography and depth of field photography.

1. Amazing Macro Photography

Amazing Macro Photography

2. Macro Photography

Macro Photography

3. Nature – Macro Photography

Nature - Macro Photography

4. Macro Drops

Macro Drops

5. Cadbury Dark Chocolate

Cadbury Dark Chocolate

6. Animal Eyes

Animal Eyes

7. Butterfly Macro Wallpaper

Butterfly Macro Wallpaper

8. Bee Macro Photography

Bee Macro Photography

9. Jewelry Shoot

Jewelry Shoot

10. Nature Macro Photography

Nature Macro Photography

11. Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours

12. Purple Rain Macro

Purple Rain Macro

13. Pencil Shaving and Sharpener

Pencil Shaving and Sharpener

14. Macro Photos

Macro Photos

15. Pink Lily Macro

Pink Lily Macro

16. Beautiful Macro Photography

Beautiful Macro Photography

17. Best Macro Picture

Best Macro Picture

18. Desktop Sculptures

Desktop Sculptures

19. Liquid Art

Liquid Art

20. Flash Photography

Flash Photography

21. Photo – Captured Beauty

Photo - Captured Beauty

22. Macro Water Drop – Macro Photography

Macro Water Drop - Macro Photography

You are most welcome to suggest any additions to this list. You can use the comments box below to make any suggestions.