30 Stunning Examples of Great Depth of Field Photography

Depth of field is the distance between the nearest and furthest object in a scene that appears acceptably sharp in an image. The depth of field covers a zone of one third in front of the focus point and two thirds behind the focus point. Controlling the depth of field can help you shoot photographs where your chosen subjects are always clear in the picture.

Creating a professional depth of field (DOF) effect in your photos is a quite difficult task and requires some practice and the right equipment. When the art is mastered however, some pretty amazing results can be achieved… Today, we have picked out 30 interesting depth of field photos especially for you. Below are some examples of how a good control of the depth of field can help you achieve great photographs. I hope this article will be a good help for catching raindrop photography.

1. Mini Water Tower

Mini Water Tower

2. Depth of Field

Depth of Field

3. Another Planet

Another Planet

4. Sweet Summer

Sweet Summer

5. Limited Depth of Field: Leaf 2

Limited Depth of Field: Leaf 2

6. Depth of Field- Ricole

Depth of Field- Ricole

7. Narrow Depth of Field

Narrow Depth of Field

8. Perfect Conditions

Perfect Conditions

9. Dof Dof Dof

Dof Dof Dof

10. My Dogs

My Dogs

11. Soft Pink Smoke

Soft Pink Smoke

12. Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger

13. In A Field

In A Field

14. Amazing Depth of Field

Amazing Depth of Field

15. The Beauty of Depth of Field

The Beauty of Depth of Field

16. Leitz Dof Bokeh and Gina

Leitz Dof Bokeh and Gina

17. A Call that Never Comes

A Call that Never Comes

18. L’expression Mort Naturelle

L’expression Mort Naturelle

19. Your Move…

Your Move...

20. Time Goes By…

Time Goes By...

21. Flowers For You

Flowers For You

22. Black Swan

Black Swan

23. Poppy Field 2

Poppy Field 2

24. Dual Depth of Field II

Dual Depth of Field II

25. An Exercise in Depth of Field

An Exercise in Depth of Field

26. Flamingo


27. Depth of Flo… er, Field

Depth of Flo... er, Field

28. After Wedding Kiss on the Walkway with Short Depth of Field

After Wedding Kiss on the Walkway with Short Depth of Field

29. Depth of Field Exercise

Depth of Field Exercise

30. Depth of Field – Dice

Depth of Field - Dice

Have you tried the Depth of field (DOF) technique in your photography before? Why not share links to your photographs with us in the comments.