60+ Must Have Best Paisley Patterns for Photoshop

A pattern is a background image, being almost the same with a texture, that is widely used for website layouts. Paisley is a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Persian and Indian origin. It resembles a twisted teardrop that is kidney shaped. It gives to the website look a new, fresh, elegant feature, by this improving it.

Last week, I have published the free army fonts and free dry leaf textures for you. So today, I have decided to shared with you free paisley patterns for Photoshop. You can download these free Photoshop patterns with out any cost. These elegant patterns that can really pitch up your designs with their’s beauty, Enjoy!

1. 25 Free Paisley Patterns

25 Free Paisley Patterns

2. 14 Cool Paisley Patterns for Free

14 Cool Paisley Patterns for Free

3. Paisley Patterns in Color

Paisley Patterns in Color

4. Folklore


5. Seamless Vectors – Paisley Patterns

Seamless Vectors - Paisley Patterns

6. Across the Universe

Across the Universe

7. Paisley Patterns For Photoshop

Paisley Patterns For Photoshop

8. Orange Paisley Pattern for Free

Orange Paisley Pattern for Free

9. Xmas Paisley Lights

Xmas Paisley Lights

10. Revelry


11. Country Paisley

Country Paisley

12. Beautiful Paisley Pattern

Beautiful Paisley Pattern

13. Simple Paisley

Simple Paisley

14. 4 Paisley Patterns

4 Paisley Patterns

15. Seamless Repeat Pattern in Pixel Format

Seamless Repeat Pattern in Pixel Format

16. Paisley Pattern for Photoshop

Paisley Pattern for Photoshop

17. First Random Paisley Patterns

First Random Paisley Patterns

18. Photoshop Free Floral Paisley Pattern

Photoshop Free Floral Paisley Pattern

19. 6 Awesome Paisley Patterns

6 Awesome Paisley Patterns

20. Paisley Scales

Paisley Scales

Another set of patterns are here for your free use. You will surely be able to make your work look more artistic with these pretty paisley patterns. If you have collection patterns please share with us via comments.