Creating a Trending Web Site

When designing a website, keep in mind that you are designing for the consumer. Of course the company is ordering the design, but it has to be designed for their audience. This means that you, as the web designer, need to be aware of current trends.

More people are turning to mobile usage of the Internet. This means that websites should be mobile friendly and easy to use. Create a web design plan that works for all applications.

Keep it Simple

Leave out flashy graphics and banners. Flat designs are returning to design trends. Simple says a lot more about a company than something complex.

You should also refrain from using too many sections. Create a focal content area along with a side bar for trending or popular topics.

Make it Memorable

By memorable, this means that company branding should be present but not overdone. You will also want to have a feature video or type of media. This helps to draw customers back to your website for additional visits.

Items to add to make a website memorable:

  • Buttons to follow on social media
  • Live help
  • A help forum
  • Contact form, with multiple types of contact available
  • The ability to purchase with PayPal and other online payment entities

Consumers will remember these items. Websites that are purely informational are often found to be boring. There is no way for the company to interact with consumers in those situations.

Easy Navigation

To keep the navigation simple, create a cluster, or drop down menu navigation system. Group items together that correspond with each other categorically. Long navigation lists are confusing and take too long to navigate.

Navigation is quite important. If a consumer sits and stares at the dozens of menu options available, they are more likely to leave the site than stay and make a purchase or read content.

Mobile Friendly

Websites nowadays should have a mobile friendly option. Users are accessing websites from their mobile devices while at work, while on public transit and while out on the town.

Websites that are not utilizing mobile friendly options see less revenue growth than those that are mobile friendly. When consumers want to make a purchase, it should be able to be done now and not later. Having to wait can cost your company a sale, and a customer.

Watch the Color Usage

Some businesses have vivid colors within their logos. This is bothersome to look at if an entire website is built around these colors. Tone them down a bit.

Rather than using all company colors on the website, consider using a neutral base color and using company colors for the navigation bar, separation lines and for a small banner. This makes the site easier to look at.

Complement the background colors with appropriate text colors and fonts. Ensure that every piece of text is easy to read. For instance, refrain from using fluorescent colored text on a black background as it will hurt the eyes of consumers.

Trending websites are seeing fast revenue growth. The more impressed a user is with the design, the more likely they are to share the site on social media and via word of mouth. These are the best methods of free advertising available.

If you need some help creating a trending design, tutorials are available. You can create a layered website with complex colors while keeping it mellow at the same time.

User friendliness and ease of use should be the focus. Take into consideration hat the client wants but be sure to offer suggestions based upon what consumers want. Clients are likely to understand your perspective when it is explained properly.