Top 10 Free Download Post Rating WordPress Widgets

Rating is one of the most exciting parts of a website. It is enjoyable for both of admin and visitors and also measured the popularity of post or comments. Getting user ratings for posts, pages and even for individual comments is one of the best ways of evaluating the quality of blogging. Following are the some of the best free wordpress post ratings widgets available.

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1. Super Post

This plugin gives you all the controls for any post queries, for any post type and any other extended options for displaying your very important post, recent, popular sticky, or related posts. Can be used to display specific post from categories or post tags.

Super Post

2. MN Star Rating

MN-StarRating WordPress plugin allows you to create and manage ratings from within your WordPress dashboard. You can embed star ratings into your posts and pages. This rating module is fully customizable, cross-browser, CSS3 compliant and millions of color options to choose from.

MN Star Rating

3. Multi Rating

Multi Rating is a simple rating plugin which allows visitors to rate a post based on multiple criteria and questions. It is responsive, easy to use and integrates seamlessly into any WordPress theme.

Multi Rating

4. Rating-Widget – Star Rating System

The Rating-Widget Star Ratings WordPress plugin allows you to create and manage ratings from within your WordPress dashboard. You can embed thumb & star ratings into your posts, pages or comments.

Rating-Widget - Star Rating System

5. CM Answers

CM Answers is a plugin for WordPress that enables users to post questions and answers (Q&A) in a Stackoverflow style. Plugin also includes social media registration using Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, Twitter & Microsoft Live authentication.

CM Answers

6. I Recommend This

This plugin allows your visitors to simply like/recommend your posts instead of comment on it. A counter to display the number of “like” and to vote. A widget and a function to display the X most liked posts.

I Recommend This

7. My Optional Modules

My Optional Modules (or MOM) is a bundle of optional modules for WordPress which give extra functionality not currently available in a fresh installation. They are designed to be lightweight and easilly implemented by even the most novice of WordPress users.

My Optional Modules

8. BuddyPress Rate Forum Posts

Users can rate forum posts in BuddyPress. Good posts are highlighted and poor posts diminished. Highlighted karma points shown for each user. Only works with forums for groups; not compatible with site wide forums.

BuddyPress Rate Forum Posts

9. Post Rate

Dieses Plugin wird unter jedem einzelnen Artikel fünf Sterne einfügen. Besucher Ihrer Internetseite können die Artikel darüber bewerten.

Post Rate

10. Wp Multiratings

WP-Multiratings plugin allows site administrators, webmasters and theme developers to include post rating functionality on their website.The website administrators can create multiple ratings for a given post based on post category.

Wp Multiratings