15 Top Free WordPress Community Plugins

One of the reasons that I’m so madly in love with WordPress is the thousands of plugins available. It doesn’t matter what you want to accomplish on your blog, there is probably a WordPress plugin that will allow you to do it. The ultimate objective of creating and spreading your online presence using a website is to create a community who loves everything about you. A well developed community is the essential sign of a performance focused business.

In this list will provide you with 15 of the best WordPress free community plugins available today. A community plugin therefore plays vital role and thus it is of great importance that you pick the best community plugin. You may want to take a look at the following related articles: Free Social Gallery WordPress Widgets, Fantastic Free Grunge Style WordPress Themes, Premium Fitness Themes for WordPress and Free WordPress Plugins for Financial Blogs.

1. The Client Relations Factory

This plug in allows you to provide a new and automatic service attention on your web site that turns visits into customers. A virtual robot can humanize the technology in order to empathize and to build trust with customers. Using TCRF tool you can access to all the conversations between the virtual robot and your visitors. Using this information you can update the knowledge that the virtual robot has.

The Client Relations Factory

2. BuddyPress Edit Activity

Let your BuddyPress members edit their activity posts and replies on the front-end of the site. You can even set a time limit for how long activity posts should remain editable. Just activate the plugin, and every activity post and reply will become editable, styled automatically by BuddyPress to fit with your theme.

BuddyPress Edit Activity

3. BuddyPress Global Search

Let your members search through every BuddyPress component, along with pages and posts and custom post types of your choice, all in one unified search bar with a live dropdown of results. Just activate the plugin, and every WordPress search input will instantly search your entire BuddyPress site, returning the results in a native tabbed interface right on your default Search Results template, automatically styled by BuddyPress to fit with your theme.

BuddyPress Global Search

4. Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member is a powerful plugin that allows you to add beautiful user profiles to your site and create advanced online communities. The plugin enables users to sign up and become members of your site all from the front-end. With a focus on flexibility and simplicity creating a community and membership site with WordPress has never been so easy.

Ultimate Member

5. Listly for Bloggers, Brands & Journalists

Use Listy to create, curate or collaborate. A powerful trio. Use Listly on WordPress (with its “swiss army knife” tool approach) and you’ll need less plugins. It also means your content becomes reusable and reembeddable by others. Listly is also a source of free content, lists that you can embed as responsive/adaptive content for your blog. Track your lists metrics as they get consumed across the web.

Listly for Bloggers, Brands & Journalists

6. Live Chat by Flyzoo

All you need to chat on your website! Help your customers with live support chat, engage your community in group chats and private conversations. Live Support Chat with multiple operators: support requests are automatically routed to the first available operator. Real-time traffic monitor: identify and chat with potential customers and increase sales!

Live Chat by Flyzoo

7. Users Ultra

Users Ultra is the ideal tool for creating advanced user communities in few minute. Building a talents community, model agency websites, social communities and any kind of user websites is really fast. It can be intregrated in any WordPress Theme. You can add as many fields as you wish by using the Fields Customizer Tool and it comes with reCaptcha.

Users Ultra

8. Bublaa Forum and Comments

Bublaa adds unique real-time discussions to your website. It combines forums and comments so that you are able to build a discussion community like never before on one platform. The plugin comes with three tools that work seamlessly together in real-time. Embed a forum into your site with Bublaa forum. The unique interface makes it easy to navigate and have real-time discussions.

Bublaa Forum and Comments

9. BuddyPress

BuddyPress is focused on ease of integration, ease of use, and extensibility. It is deliberately powerful yet unbelievably simple social network software, built by contributors to WordPress. Enable registered members to create profiles, have private conversations, make connections, create & interact in groups, and much more.


10. Feedweb

The Feedweb Plugin is a simple and easy way to promote and improve your blog. By activating the plugin you can freely insert customized rating widgets into your selected posts. Choose questions you want to ask your readers and get comprehensive and precise feedback about your blog. It is built using cutting-edge HTML5 technology, meets the highest privacy and security standards and enterprise-level quality.


11. WP-OAuth

WP-OAuth is a still a pre-v1.0 release, which means some features may not work as intended or might change over time. Please report any bugs/issues to the support forum so they can be fixed as soon as possible. With so many sites offering membership now, users may suffer registration fatigue and forget their passwords, or use the same password for several sites, increasing their security risk.


12. wpDiscuz – WordPress Comments

New interactive, AJAX comment system. Responsive comment plugin with Live Update function. Allows your visitors discuss, vote for comments and share. Adds interactive comment box on posts and other content types. Responsive comments form and comment threads design. Different comment date formats, reflects WordPress date format settings. Automatic image source URLs to image (HTML) conversion in comment texts.

wpDiscuz - WordPress Comments

13. Gigya – Social Infrastructure

Gigya’s Customer Identity Management Platform helps companies build better customer relationships by turning unknown visitors into known, loyal and engaged customers. With Gigya’s technology, businesses increase registrations and identify customers across devices, consolidate data into rich customer profiles.

Gigya - Social Infrastructure

14. PressForward

PressForward is a free plugin that provides an editorial workflow for content aggregation and duration within the WordPress dashboard. It is designed for bloggers and editorial teams who wish to collect, discuss, and share content from a variety of sources on the open web. Readability integration to standardize the formatting of aggregated content.


15. WP-Members

WP-Members is a membership plugin for WordPress. Perfect for newsletters, premium content sites, and more! The plugin restricts selected WordPress content to registered site members. WP-Members puts the registration process on the site front end so it is inline with your content (and thus your branded theme) instead of the native WP login page.