5 Ways to Get your Rental Property Noticed

Being a landlord can be a lucrative business. The advantage of being capable of keeping your real estate and collecting a monthly check are enticing to property owners. One way to improve the rate at which your rental units are occupied includes having a website in place. When renting makes more sense than selling, this will help you obtain the tenant’s you need for success, and help you become familiar with effective web design tips that can be beneficial for your business.

The Five-Second Rule

Internet surfers are in a hurry, and it is your job to grab this person’s attention fast. Studies show that you only have five seconds to do so, or this person may lose interest in what you have to offer. It is important to provide the information on your website that will not only attract a surfer, but keep this individual’s attention.

Proper Messaging

The homepage of your rental website is the one that should list critical facts. This page is the one that is visited first, and it should include the details of your rental property including the specifications of it.

You should provide factual information on this page which should include the rental price per month, because this is one of the first items your potential tenant will notice. Use short and accurate statements to help make your homepage effective for viewers.

Include a Video

Pictures speak a thousand words and in this day and age, so do videos.  Consider taking a video of the exterior and interior of the rental unit. This will provide the interested party with a first-hand look at the property and could be all that is needed to attract the right tenant.

Be sure to take the video during at the proper time of day to get the best picture quality and allow for a clear view.

Use Bold Colors

Consider using a bright red, yellow or orange color as the background for your website. This will help attract attention immediately and may be effective in landing the tenant you need for your property.

Additionally, create a clean and updated look to help entice any traffic you get to your web page to stay there and thoroughly review what you have to offer.

Call to Action

You should entice the person viewing your page to rent from you. This means including a call to action on the body of your website content and at the end of it, as well.  Doing this is an effective way to encourage a person who is interested enough in viewing your website to rent from you.

By creating the right web design, you can obtain the tenant you need for success with your rental property. Be sure to employ all of the ideas listed above to increase traffic to your website easily and effectively.