16 Helpful Free Facebook Feed WordPress Plugins

With a WordPress Facebook plugin, you can integrate Facebook with your blog or website or the other way around. Facebook is very strong way to promote your blogging and improve your readers. If you are the user of WordPress. you must looking for these stunning Facebook plugin for wordpress. Associate your site with a free Facebook application identifier to enable advanced features such as Comment and Auto Post. In this post, I have gathered some of the WordPress best Facebook feed plugins that among other things.

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1. Facebook Feed WD

WordPress Facebook Feed WD plugin allows you to integrate Facebook feeds of profiles, pages and public groups into your website with custom adjustments and configurations. It enables you to display content from the feeds,such as the overall timeline, photos, videos, events, and albums. Depending on the content you want to showcase from the feeds there are various beautiful views to choose from. The feeds are updated for a newer content based on the option you specify: either deleting the old posts when new ones are added or, keeping both of them.

The number of feeds you can display within a one page or post is unlimited. The feeds can be added to the posts by using the provided shortcodes or by using the Facebook Feed WD widget on the sidebars of your website.
Facebook Feed WD
Facebook Feed WD

2. Showeblogin Facebook Page Plugin

The Showeblogin Facebook Page Plugin is a special version of Facebook Like box designed only for Facebook Pages. It allows WordPress admins to promote their Facebook Pages and embed a simple feed of content from a Page into websites by inserting widget in the sidebar or footer. This plugin works with the responsive, fluid and static layouts and lets you easily embed and promote any Facebook Page on your WordPress website.

Showeblogin Facebook Page Plugin

3. Facebook Social Stream

The Facebook Social Stream plugin generates a responsive, SEO optimized and cached Facebook feed for your website. Just configure the Facebook page name and add the shortcode [fb_social_stream] to your page. Customizable appearance without CSS knowledge, Responsive behaviour, Crawlable by search engine bots, Fast delivery by caching, HTML-links of Hashtags, HTML-links of message URLs, modern HTML5 video delivery, display YouTube videos as video-box.

Facebook Social Stream

4. Flow-Flow Social Streams

Smart caching with server task allows to deliver content blazingly fast without long page loading. It’s especially crucial when many networks are pulled or you have big traffic. It’s great to use this plugin for streaming your news, photos, reviews and any other content you can imagine! Plugin doesn’t expose your private details (like tokens, app IDs and app secrets) to browser so we provide 100% security for any sensitive data.

Flow-Flow Social Streams

5. Advanced Facebook Wall Shortcode

Advanced Facebook Wall Shortcode is a WordPress Shortcode Plugin which displays Facebook Latest Post Feeds from any Facebook Fan Page. This use Facebook Opengraph API so its highly customization and you can style the feeds the way you like.

Advanced Facebook Wall Shortcode

6. Feed Them Social

With our plugin you can create Social Feeds of any or all your celebrities, family, friends, yourself, or businesses. Looks great on Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile Devices. If you’re looking for more than just a custom facebook feed our plugin includes most of your favorite social networks. Add Like and/or Follow Buttons above or below any feeds. Easily generate all the shortcodes you need for any feed with our SUPER SIMPLE shortcode generator. Facebook and Instagram feeds now have Load More Button and Infinite Scroll features available in Premium Version and they are mobile friendly.

Feed Them Social

7. Classic Facebook Feeds

Classic Facebook Feed is a plugin for display facebook feed on your blog or site. Here you can Get feed fron any Facebook Page. This plugin use Facebook Opengraph API so its highly customization and you can style the feeds the way you like.

Classic Facebook Feeds

8. POWr Facebook Feed

POWr Facebook Feed is a free cloud-based plugin you can edit in your live web page. Create a POWr account to access the entire plugin library. First, download, install, and activate POWr Facebook Feed. Then drop the widget anywhere in your theme. Or add to a page/post with the POWr icon in the WP editor. Automatically display images, videos, and text from Facebook in a single feed. Adjust the priority for different pages to display your favorite content. Add any Facebook event or business page.

POWr Facebook Feed

9. Facebook

Facebook by Weblizar plugin is very simple and easy Facebook widget plugin to display your Facebook page live stream & friends on WordPress blog. Using Facebook By Weblizar Facebook widget publish your Facebook page post & show your Facebook page fans. Facebook Page Custom Height & Width Option, Compatible With All Mobile Tablets Device, All Browser Support, Responsive Facebook Wall, Latest Facebook Wall Feeds Displays, Display Fans Page OR Users and more.


10. Custom Facebook Feed

Display a completely customizable, responsive and search engine crawlable version of your Facebook feed on your website. Completely match the look and feel of the site with tons of customization options! By default the Facebook feed will adopt the style of your website, but can be completely customized to look however you like – with tons of styling and customization options! Display feeds from multiple different Facebook pages/groups and use the shortcode to embed them into a page, post or widget anywhere on your site.

Custom Facebook Feed

11. Easy Facebook Like Box

Displays a Facebook Like Box. The Facebook Like Box is a social plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own website. Easy facebook like box display fan page posts, like button, and connections on your website using widget, shortcode or in Auto PopUp. Dispaly like box in page/post/custom posts using shortcodes easily generated while saving widget. Display custom facebook feed in posts or pages using shortcode. Genraete shortcode using widget or add this shortcode and modify the values manually.

Easy Facebook Like Box

12. Facebook Stream

Facebook stream is the plugin that will show your facebook page or group wall in fully responsive format on your website. Plugin is created to show facebook feed in pinterest style (responsive boxes). Your facebook posts will be shown on completely new way. There is no more necessary for ugly iframes and similar alternatives, in just only few clicks you will configure plugin and generate shortcode that you can use on any page or post you want.

Facebook Stream

13. IK Facebook Plugin

The IK Facebook Plugin is an easy-to-use plugin that allows users to add a custom Facebook Feed widget to the sidebar, as a widget, or to embed the custom Facebook Feed widget into a Page or Post using the shortcode, of any Public Facebook Page. The IK Facebook Plugin also allows you to insert a Facebook Like Button widget into the Page, Post, or theme. The IK Facebook Plugin allows you to add Facebook Events, Photos, and Galleries to your website, too!

IK Facebook Plugin

14. FaceBook Feed

The Facebook Feed Plugin allows you to easily display a customizable feed of your Facebook Page on wordpress website. Features: Easily add Facebook Feed using the shortcode [facebook-feed], Display all Post Types, Display Events from Facebook Feed, Customize the Author Text Size and Author Text Color, Customize Author Image Border, Show Hide Feed Separator, Customize Post Text Font Size , Color and Alignment, Customize Post Character Count and more.

FaceBook Feed

15. Easy Facebook Post Feed

Easy Facebook Post Feed, allow users to display a customization and responsive Facebook feed. It’s quickly to use by widget or shortcode anyway. Customize layout option like: color, border, number of post to display, choose to display image, width and height. Work with Facebook API it’s simple to set up: just enter your page id and Facebook API.

Easy Facebook Post Feed

16. Feeder Ninja

FeederNinja Feeder Ninja is a useful tool for creating Rss & Social media feeds on the fly. Feeder Ninja using innovative and intuitive user interfaces so you don’t need any prior knowledge to use it. We’re supporting RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Thumblr, YouTube, Vimeo,and WordPress Sing up to Feeder Ninja now and start creating feeds!

Feeder Ninja