3 Customer Service Lessons Graphic Designers Can Learn from Traditional Businesses

A graphic designer’s job is so unique that it’s often difficult to learn from other traditional business models and well-known companies. What works for them, rarely works for you. However, there are occasional convergences that provide insights and lessons. This is especially true when you look at customer service and building long-term, profitable relationships with clients.

Learning From the Best

There are companies in almost every industry worth following, but here’s a snapshot of just a few that are doing customer service right:

1. Two Men and a Truck

With 47 trucks carrying out more than 10,000 moves each year, Two Men and a Truck – a company that was started out of necessity in 1993 – is now a leader in customer service. In fact, it’s part of the reason the company has been able to grow. “From your first phone call to when the final box is carefully unpacked – we want to take the stress of an interstate move off your shoulders and keep you updated every step of the way,” the website reads.

As a graphic designer, it should be your aim to go the extra mile with your client. When you reach the point where you think your job is done, keep doing more. Don’t just deliver your work and walk away. Call them, ask about results, and inquire about how you can continue to help them.

2. Chick-fil-A

If you’ve ever been to a Chick-fil-A restaurant, you understand their commitment to customer service. Whether it’s coming by tables to bring refills, politely responding to questions, or calling your order out by name, this fast food company does it right. In fact, their customer service is so great across the board that they’ve created a page on their website dedicated to personal stories of satisfied customers.

The lesson is here is two-fold. First, you need to commit to customer service in everything you do. From how you greet clients to how you serve them, everything needs to be customer-centric. Second, don’t be afraid to leverage positive customer experiences for the success of your business. Have positive reviews? Post them on your site.

3. Drybar

Aside from being one of the more unique business models you’ll run across, Drybar – a national chain that offers hair blowouts and cocktails – is also a leader in customer service. Their belief is that you should only hire people who care about your customers. In other words, never hire someone with a me-first attitude. As their

The lesson is obviously to be careful with who you hire. Never extend an offer to someone unless they care about the end client. This can be challenging when you’re looking to make cost-conscious decisions, but your commitment to customer service will be rewarded with a little extra attention to detail.

Invest in Quality Customer Service

Whether it’s an interstate moving company, a well-known fast food restaurant, or a hair blowout and cocktail business, you can look to companies outside your industry to learn about customer service and relationship management. Use the lessons learned here and adjust them to fit your business or brand.

Graphic design may seem like an industry that’s not conducive to attentive customer service, but it absolutely can be. Look at your business through the scope of serving people and everything changes. In fact, you really don’t have a choice to put the client first. After all, long-term client relationships are the lifeblood of a successful career in graphic design. Where will you start?