Makita Combi Drill: Efficient Instrument for Professional Work

A combi drill is one of the most outstanding representatives of the world of power tools. Considering the number of maintenance spheres it can be applied to, it appears that there are no rivals to the versatility of this efficient instrument. Together with its being in high demand here comes the possibility to purchase a low-quality tool that will not work as it should. To avoid such an unpleasant experience, it is advisable to order excellent instruments from time-proven brands in trusted online shops.

UK Planet Tools and its cooperation with the famous Makita Company satisfy both the above-mentioned conditions. Makita combi drill UK is a savvy choice of hundreds of customers around the UK who bought a perfect tool and enjoys its impressive efficiency and long durability.

Why Do We Recommend a Makita Combi Drill Set?

No doubt that a Makita 18v combi drill set is a long-term investment that will surely pay off. UK Planet Tools offers a wide selection of great options at a good price to meet the needs of every customer ukplanettools. One of the most vivid advantages is that it is a cordless power tool. A seemingly ordinary characteristic serves to provide some more benefits:

  • The absence of annoying and dangerous long cords on the construction site or in remote places. 
  • Freedom from the necessity to be connected to the power source as it is equipped with a battery. 
  • Possibility to be applied wherever it is needed, at all possible distances and heights. 
  • Powerful batteries that are designed to work for a long time on one charge. 
  • Presence of a belt clip contributes to its portability and mobility. 

What Do I Get With a Makita Brushless Combi Drill Set?

Having made the correct decision to order a Makita combi drill set brushless, you get a whole package of useful devices. Depending on the type of set, the following items can be included: 

  • A drill body 
  • Batteries 
  • Chargers 
  • A case 
  • An inlay.