How to Use Instagram as a Digital Marketing and SEO Strategy for Your Clothing Boutique

Instagram is such a powerful platform. There are well over one billion users on Instagram. With this knowledge, focus on the fact that there is room for you to build a brand and be successful. Many people use Instagram to promote their boutiques and experience so many positive opportunities because they took the initiative to use the platform as a digital marketing strategy.

Consider these tips when you’re getting ready to cast your vision for brand development and execution.

1. Use videos to showcase the pieces

Instagram is one of those platforms where video content truly thrives. People love to watch videos and the algorithms are catering to that fact. Instead of showing an amazing photo of a beautiful gown in your shop, take a different approach. Hire a model and shoot videos of her walking and moving the dress. To take everything to the next level, gather a few models of different shapes and sizes. Most clothing boutique owners don’t do this. However, women want to see how a dress looks on a body type that’s similar to their own. This step is easily considered a way to go the extra mile and it’ll help you stand out from the rest.

2. Use the right hashtags

Hashtags are important because they attract the right people to your brand. When you use hashtags, it gets your content in front of more eyes. Take a look at some of the trending topics of the day. Use one of the trending topics in your list of hashtags with relevant content. For example, if Beyonce comes out with a new album, find a clothing item in your boutique that communicates the theme of the album. If Beyonce re-released her Lemonade album, use the lemonade hashtag and showcase yellow clothing items for a day or two. Lemonade is trending and it’s yellow, so this is a great way to ride the wave.

3. Utilize brand ambassadors

As you’re getting started, it can be a little challenging to effectively build traction. However, it’s so good to remember that you can use the power of brand ambassadors. The best brand ambassadors to consider are the ones who have faithful followers. They should also have a significant number of followers. Shoot for 10,000 followers or more. As you reach out to brand ambassadors, find out what their prices are. Brand ambassadors charge a certain fee to show your products to their audience. Come up with ideas for posts that portray a sense of authenticity.

4. Use Instagram Live

Use Instagram Live on a regular basis to showcase new pieces. Announce the times you’ll be logging on and going live. Use the live shows to showcase the new pieces in your boutique. Consider making this a routine. If your followers know that they can get first dibs on the new pieces in your boutique every Friday afternoon at 3, this is an incentive for your followers to tune in. Whether you’re using a smartphone camera or the camera on your tablet, make sure that you have a good WiFi connection and a clean lens. It’s also good to have your charger plugged in. Sometimes, technical difficulties happen. However, if you’re prepared, it’ll easier to be bounce back from a hiccup in the plan.

5. Connect followers to outside links

The link in your bio line is really important. Make sure that link connects your followers to your boutique. As you continue to drum up business, people will want to purchase your items. Always direct them to the link in your bio and always make sure that link is your website. You can give your engagement a much needed boost via this Influencive article.

Additionally, make sure that your boutique website is well-designed and developed professionally. In this context, appearances really do matter. If people visit the website and are less than impressed with the set-up, they’ll leave. Make sure you have the right shopping cart software installed.

Develop a blog and place helpful content on the blog each week. You can even choose to repost social media posts to your website’s blog. Make sure to implement proper SEO practices with each blog. When you can rank in Google, this strengthens your marketing efforts even more. If search engine optimization isn’t a strength in your skill set, consider reaching out to a top UK Search Engine Optimisation company and hire them to do the heavy lifting.

6. Use a specific aesthetic

Don’t forget to use a specific aesthetic on Instagram. Whether you use the same filter or use consistent language for each caption, make sure the aesthetic is organic and cohesive. As soon as your followers read a caption, they should be able to know that your content belongs to you. A unique style will help you gain an edge on the competition.