How to Use Your Logo on Promotional Products

One can easily identify a business by just looking at its logo even if the name of the company is not on the logo. You can also guess easily the nature of a business by just looking at the logo even if you have never heard about the business. That said, what does the term logo mean?

What is a logo?

A logo can be described as the face of a company. It is one of the first things that your potential customers will notice about your business. A logo is more than your image because it’s a point of recognition for customers and a crucial foundation for the branding of your company.

Customers usually form an opinion about a business within a short time. A well-designed logo can easily convey to your potential customers that your business is trustworthy, professional, and offer quality goods and services.

What is the importance of a logo?

Now that we know what a logo is, what is its importance for your business? The following are some of the ways that your business can benefit from a well-designed logo.

  • It grabs the attention of your potential customers

A well-designed logo can quickly grab your viewers’ attention and communicate your business’ core values in an exciting way.

  • It is the foundation of your brand identity

Successful branding should tell a story that can influence customers’ emotions. A logo design is a part of your business’ brand. It can also serve as the foundation of the brand. You can use colors, fonts, and tones to tell a story, and your logo can set the stage for this story.

These elements can later translate from a logo onto your branding materials such as business cards, letterheads, landing pages, etc. and therefore create a solid and marketable brand identity.

  • A logo provides a strong first impression

Since a logo is a company’s first introduction, if properly designed, it can awaken the interest of your potential customers and encourage them to learn more about your business. You can use the first impression to your advantage by communicating the products or services you offer.

  • Visual is memorable

Your logo leads your audience to your company. Logos serve as an identification tool; they are the tool that customers use to identify your brand. You probably want people to immediately connect the sight of your logo with the memory of what your business offers.

Since a well-designed logo is visual, it triggers a positive flashback about your brand that perhaps the name of the company may not. Honestly, it’s easy for some of your audience to forget the name of the business, but your logo might make them associate it with their memories of your brand.

A logo can separate you from your competitors

Your logo can make you different since it tells the public why your business is unique. There can be several other restaurants in your city, but yours is the only sustainable one, and your logo can drive this message.

A well-designed logo can communicate everything regarding the business’ background [whether professional or fun] and their mission [whether entertainment or innovation] by using either a proper font or the right icon. Your logo can show consumers why you are not like your competitors.

How can you use your logo on promotional products?

As experts say, your logo should be in any venue where you interact with the public. Consumers want assurance that they can trust your business for quality goods and services. You can use your logo to acquaint the new audience with your brand.

Promotional products can introduce your branding into a customer’s environment, making it easier to build credibility. The following are some of the incredible ways you can use your logo on promotional products to market your business.

  • Give tools that have your logo as promotional gifts

You can gift a customer with something useful, let’s say, a nice water bottle. This customer will use this water bottle frequently like when going to the office or jogging around. This high-quality water bottle can make the customer feel your brand. When the customer’s bottle gets damaged, chances are, the customer will contact your business since he/she has seen the name of your business several times.

Take advantage of the power of brand recognition with promotional products to speak to your audience. Know your core customers, where they live, and where they work. What are the challenges that they face and what tools they use in their daily lives? Choose items that your customers will keep for years and use routinely. By offering best corporate gifts to your audience, you encourage them to reach out whenever they need your product, service, or professional help.

  • Send engaging postcards

You can learn from internet memes and make your business stand out with funny and outstanding postcards. Memes usually feature simple images that play on your emotions and tell a relatable story instantly. Postcards can also have a similar effect when you make them lead with humor and not a pushy and boring advertisement. Use postcards to show clients how your business can benefit them. You should let the visuals speak for themselves.

 A study carried out by the Promotional Products International found that customers get mostly attracted to ads with visual appeal and clear message. Provide your readers with a strong urge to flip over the card and learn more about your business.

  • Display magnetic signs on your company vehicles

Having magnetic signs on your company vehicles can transform them into moving billboards. Car magnets expose your business logo to the public with a direct link to your current consumers. The following are some of the benefits of car magnets.

  1. They are highly visible since magnets can be read from a distance and cars can also be packed in visible locations.
  2. They are flexible because you can switch up the messaging to promote various services.
  3. The vehicles can cover a wide range of an area and hence bring in more leads.

Car magnets are ideal for small-scale business because they are highly cost-effective. You can attach magnetic sign temporarily to your car and rotate them between few cars.

  • You can print custom apparel for your employees

Embrace every opportunity to display your logo at public events. Apparel is more effective when it comes to creating interest than traditional marketing methods. Give your staff outfits such as shirts and hats that are customized with your business logo. For field crews, you can outfit them with long or short-sleeve T-shirts. For office staffs, they can have button-down or polo shirts.

Custom apparel allows you to recognize your team at business functions, like trade shows and fundraisers. You can place visual cues around your display to make your brand memorable.

  • Let your employees have business cards

Your employees are in the best position to talk about your business to the public. They are the perfect people to act as your brand ambassadors. Your employees know some of the problems that your customer face and how to solve their problems.

You can let your employees have business cards so that they can share your contact details easily. Personal business cards are very empowering, and they can give your employees a sense of belonging in your business. Your employees also have a wider social reach beyond your company; they hold conversations with friends and family at home gatherings, community events, stores, church, etc. these conversations can lead to potential customers. The business cards should have your logo, tag line, and contact information. You should offer even a simple card than none at all.

  • Personalize your office supplies

As a business person, how you present yourself when meeting with your customers can have a significant impact on your success rate. Show your customers that you are professional by using personal office supplies such as pens, notebooks, water bottles, etc. whenever you are doing business interactions. You can also have your logo on some of your office equipment such as mugs, bags, thermos, umbrellas, etc. Giving out some of these supplies as giveaways in trade shows or expo booth is one of ways to promote your business.

  • Use your logo on business forms

Another way you can promote your business is by making sure that your logo appears on business forms such as invoices, receipts, and packing slips.

  • Place your logo on banners and signs

The banners and signs are one of the most prominent places that you can place your logo. You should ensure that the logo is big enough to be recognized from a distance. You should also choose fonts and colors that can be read by viewers easily when passing by. You shouldn’t forget to hang banners and signs in prominent areas.