Should Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Include Instagram? Yes, Here’s Why

In today’s fragmented digital media environment, the need for an “all of the above” social media marketing strategy has never been greater.

That’s why it’s so frustrating to see so few businesses taking advantage of the tools afforded by one of the most popular social platforms on the planet – Instagram.

Let’s take a look at six reasons why your company needs to target prospects on Instagram right now

1. Instagram Is More Popular Than You Think

These Instagram usage statistics don’t lie. Sure, you can find “hotter” social media apps out there, but for raw eyeballs on screens, Instagram is second to none among mobile-first platforms.

Isn’t it time you found out what all the fuss is about?

2. Instagram Is Your Place to Be Yourself, Whatever That Entails

Unlike more buttoned-up platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram truly is a safe space to be yourself – whatever that means to you. Lest you think this applies only to individual users who don’t have bosses and boards and customers to keep happy, look no further than the Instagram handle for this digital arts school – a treasure trove of offbeat yet endearing photos and videos that warm the heart and juice visitor engagement

If you’ve struggled thus far to show your company’s softer side, it’s time to give Instagram another look.

3. Instagram Has a Host of Tools for Business Users

As this digital marketing expert’s Instagram marketing tips make clear, Instagram has a host of tools designed specifically for business users. For more visibility into precisely which tools make sense for your business, check out this primer from Instagram itself.

4. Instagram May Be the Best Place to Draw a Live Audience

Instagram Live may be the Web’s best platform to attract and retain a live, captive audience. Sure, YouTube has more overall video viewers, but it’s more of a library than a performance venue. With Instagram Live, you can reach your followers whenever and wherever you choose – great for scheduled or surprise product announcements, flash sales, seminars, and whatever else strikes your fancy

5. Instagram Affords More Visibility Than Snapchat

Instagram offers far more flexibility for marketers seeking public exposure. Much has been made of Snapchat’s new business marketing features, for instance, but that platform remains more cloistered and cliquey than Facebook and Instagram (a Facebook subsidiary). If your overarching goal is reaching as many prospects as possible, that matters.

6. Your Users Are Mobile-First, Even If You’re Not

These days, even B2B marketing is largely mobile-first. Even if you’re not totally comfortable with the demise of the desktop as consumers’ primary digital interface, it’s incumbent upon you to accept reality. Instagram allows you to do that without presenting a wholly unfamiliar user experience; if you know how to use a smartphone camera, you pretty much know how to use Instagram.

Say Yes to “Insta” Success

Let’s be clear: “Insta” success does not mean “instant” success. It’ll take some time for you to build your Instagram presence and refine your brand. But it won’t take forever, and the payoff will be sweeter than you imagine. Soon enough, you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t think of this whole Instagram thing sooner.