A New York City SEO’s Advice On Writing A Title

Have you ever looked at the title of an article or blog and thought, I must read that! I need to know the answer! That caused you to continue to read. The reason is that the author captured a great title. They caught onto what you are interested in and captured your ideas. In fact, only 70% of people continue reading after they read the title. This means that it’s so important to capture your reader’s attention right away. That is why the New York SEO company is here to explain exactly how to write a title that will catch the reader’s eyes. Keep reading to learn more.

Don’t make it too long

The first tip is not to make it too long. Do you know what? It doesn’t matter if it’s the best title in the world, people are not going to end up reading it. If you make your title too long it was get skimmed over and can even be misread. That is why we recommend keeping your title more catchy and short.

Don’t make it too short

Here is the fine line. Don’t make your title too short. This means that if it’s too short there is not enough material to understand what the reader is about to read. They begin to be unsure of what is actually in there and they are not using the tips listed below. That is why it’s a good idea to make it a happy medium. Keep reading through how to make it that happy medium.

Make it mysterious

Did you notice that people love a good mystery? They are unsure of what is next. They must read on. This is the same for titles. Make it mysterious. One example we are going to make is if your company was talking about marketing just as we are. For example, “what is the one thing your title shouldn’t live without?” Doesn’t this sound mysterious? We want to keep reading for the mystery, for the unsure, for knowing what we should be doing to make our title stand out. This creates a mystery around it. This is a great example of exactly how to do this.

Make it something they can’t wait to learn about

Do you ever get excited when you learn about something? Perhaps you think I’m finally going to understand that! I’m finally going to get what I need to do in order to learn that! That can be the angle you put when writing the title. What can the reader not learn without? Although this is a type of mystery, it still is different. For example, when we are talking about a title for this blog, we could make it in these contexts, “What you don’t know about your blog title”. Yes, that does leave a lot of mystery, but it also makes it so that they know they are going to learn something. It is vague without being too vague so the reader still does understand the subject. This is a fine line. This is a great example however about making it something the reader wants to learn more about.

Ask a question

One way you can spark up a conversation and make the reader want to learn more is by asking a question. This can not only create mystery, but it will make them wonder and make them want to learn more. One example of this in this article context would be, “How Can I Create Eye-Catching Titles?” It’s short, it explains exactly what the article will be about, and it asks a question which causes you to stop and think and learn more. If you are unsure of what the title should be, asking a question is always a safe bet that will end up drawing readers in.

Have a subheader

A lot of people find that they can have a title that does explain most of what they are trying to say and then a subheader right below it to fully explain it all. In the subheader, it might end up being a sentence or two to explain exactly who this article is for and why they should be reading it.

Know your audience

One fo the most important parts of choosing anything to do with your title is knowing who your audience is. This will help you achieve the results you are looking for so that you can put yourself in their place. By knowing exactly who your target audience is will help you choose what kind of language to use and the tone of the voice. Is it a younger audience? You may want more of a playful tone that won’t scare them off at all. Understanding exactly who your audience is will help you better understand exactly how to draw readers in.

As you can see, it’s important that you make an eye-catching title. It is also important that you put a lot of thought into the title. Although two sentences can have the same meaning, the way you say one of them can end up causing the reasons to read on whereas the other one can cause readers to stop and move to the next article.

Make sure that you keep these tips in mind when you go to write your next blog or article, if you write it correctly according to these tips, it could end up causing a lot more readers to continue to read.