5 Ways Freelancers Can Be More Productive

Freelancing is an attractive lifestyle for a number of reasons – you get to choose your own hours, be more selective about the projects you work on and you will typically earn more than a permanent employee.

But life can also be hectic and amidst your busy working schedule, it’s not always easy to stay on track. We’re here to help with five of our best tips to keep you productive.

Get into a daily routine

Flexibility is a big perk of the freelancing, but it can also be an issue and without a schedule, you can find yourself unable to find the balance between work and play. Setting a routine can help you to avoid becoming burned out and missing any deadlines.

You should set yourself a certain number of working hours each day and plan your work for the given day. Easing yourself into a routine will ensure that you don’t become overworked and means that you will be more productive.

Get a helping hand

There are a number of demands on your time and having the right support can make a huge difference to your productivity levels. SJD Accountancy surveyed 359 freelancers and discovered that 69% of contractors and freelancers believe doing the accounts can be a cause of stress. Despite this, only around one quarter have help with their accounts.

Finding a dedicated accountant to manage your finances could do wonders for your workload and a helping hand can give you more time to focus on what matters – your work.

Cut out distractions

One of the challenges of freelancing is managing distractions, especially when it comes to working from home. Your dedicated workspace should be free of distractions from the rest of the home. You should also get into the habit of keeping your phone away from your desk and limit the time spent on social media.

If you struggle with self-discipline, there are plenty of tools to aid you. Some of our favourites include StayFocusd (a Chrome extension which limits the amount of time you spend on time-wasting websites) and ColdTurkey (an application which blocks access to your choice of websites at scheduled times).

Take time to do what you enjoy

Having no set hours to work means you’re not subject to the same nine to five as permanent employees. Whilst this is a benefit, it can be easy to continue working long into the night and not making time to relax. This habit will eventually become detrimental to your productivity, so it’s important to make time to enjoy yourself.

Make sure you’re taking time to do something you enjoy when you’re away from your work. This could be something simple like a trip to your favourite coffee shop, but will do wonders for your productivity levels.

Organise your priorities

If you have multiple projects on the go, it’s hard to know what your priority is and you can become disorganised. Keep an updated list of your tasks along with deadlines and try to prioritise what is most important. A daily planner is a simple and affordable way to keep organised and make sure you’re on track.