5 Simple Tips For Improving Your Business Website

The online playfield is colossal and your website is the key to tap numerous untapped traffic sources, to grab business and leads. It is the digital gateway to draw potential customers to the business, and that is why today “creating a website” tops the to-do list of establishing a company. Everyone does that but many fail to understand the importance of keeping a regular check on functionality and improvement areas of the website. Yes, maintaining and improving the website is essential for every website-owner, be it a global corporation or a small-size enterprise.

To keep attracting visitors to your business website unceasingly, it is pivotal that you keep improving the business website as per the latest trends and customer behavior. Moreover, you need to ensure that your business website does not become stale and stays aesthetically pleasing, responsive, and intuitive to offer value to the potential customers. With that in mind, here are the five simple tips for improving your business website.

De-clutter The Mess

Your business website is representing your business in the online world and you don’t want your business image to be cluttered and messed up. Striving to offer more to the visitors, many business owners add a number of elements on their website. You have to give space for breathing on your website with enough white space. Make sure that you are not giving visual or informational overload to the visitors. Avoid any type of image overlapping, content stuffing or long unending paragraphs on the page.

Do It Right

Get rid of any and every information you find outdated or not useful to the website. For those with advertising enabled on the business website, it’s important to keep a check on the ads to the content ratio as well. Clear out the mess and keep clearing until you can clearly see the Call-To-Action button on each and every page.

Boost Responsiveness

According to Cisco, the global mobile traffic grew by 63% in 2016 and the growth and will continue to grow at a rapid pace in the coming years. With your customers surfing the net on mobile devices, it is important that your business website be seamlessly responsive to these devices. The growing trends, various surveys reports, and even the changes in Google algorithms point to the age of mobile devices and if you are not targeting this section, you are missing out on a sizeable audience populace. You can tweak your web design, add AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) or create a completely new mobile version of your site to boost responsiveness.

Do It Right

A complete redesign is recommended for those who want their business website (desktop-version) to be flawlessly responsive to each and every screen size like mobiles, desktops, tablets, phablets, iPads, notes etc. Those with their websites created on Content Management Systems by taking CMS design and development services can install plugins to make their site mobile responsive.

Implement Behavior Analytics & Metrics

It is indispensable for any business to understand and analyze the way their audience is responding to their website. Various metrics like engagement, visitor time, clicks, bounce rate, total time spent, revisits etc., should be an integral part of your business website. You need the behavior metrics of your user to scale your business as this is how you’ll realize what type of content is engaging and which is bouncing them off. Gathering these figures and metrics will empower you to create more effective content and page.

Do It Right

Google Analytics is a widely used free tool for performing behavior analysis of audience. The behavior reports on Google Analytics include bounce rate, page views, average time, exits etc., which helps you access the site and its contents’ performance. Other tools like Clicky, ClickTale, and Crazy Egg shows other important details of the user. Incorporate these tools or install their plugins on your site for improved performance.

Improve The Interface

An intuitive user-interface can offer a wonderful user-experience to the visitors. Make sure that your site is easily navigable with each page accessible in just three simple clicks. Understand your audience and their taste. Implement a visual hierarchy on your page that guides the users’ eyes towards the main goal or the CTA button. Make sure that all the input control elements like buttons, checkboxes, toggles etc., navigation components like sliders, drop-down menus, breadcrumbs etc., and most importantly the Call To Action button is strategically placed to improve the interface of your business website.

Do It Right

Keep your interface simple yet engaging so that users are not lost on the page. The site structure should be such that every page is within a three-click reach and the home page should be in line with the latest home page design trends. The color, typography, images and other visual elements on the page should also tactically used to reflect your business image.

Give Value Through Content

Your business website should be providing value to the users through high-quality content. It is imperative to add fresh content on the website time and again to increase ranking, improve the user experience, engage the audience and subsequently get the converted to increase sales. The entire sales funnel starts with the content that you provide and so should be relevant, original and impart value to the users.

Do It Right

Extra emphasis should be given to the titles and cover images that you put up on your business website. Generate fresh content regularly, especially on the home page and other landing pages of your site. Write blogs or post videos or images to get attention from the audience. Make sure that each piece of content you generate for your website should offer some type of value to your potential customer.

To improve your business website, first and foremost step is to improve the user-interface by de-cluttering the mess followed by implementing user metrics, curating fresh and useful content, improving responsiveness etc. The tips discussed above are simple and actionable which would help you get a better business website up and running in a short time. So try them on your business website and see the change now.

Author Bio:

Anurag Gupta is a budding entrepreneur with stakes in WeblinkIndia.net an acclaimed Web Designing & Development Company, headquartered inIndia. He also happens to be a keen writer, sharing insights, tips, and tutorials on subjects related to the ever evolving landscape of Web Designing and Development.