Top Five WooCommerce Extensions for your Hosted eCommerce Site

If you’ve been using WordPress for any amount of time, you’re probably already very familiar with WooCommerce, the fully-functional eCommerce platform that integrates seamlessly with the world’s most widely used Content Management System.

There’s even a very good chance you’re using it yourself right now to sell your products and take your business to the next level. Though whilst you’ve certainly got a lot of free eCommerce tools with the free WooCommerce plugin to get started, by adding to it, you can tap into whole levels of flawless design and functionality, improving the experience for both you and your customers alike.

With that in mind, here’s our guide to the top five WooCommerce Extensions for your hosted eCommerce website.


We love the UltimateWoo plugin for WordPress because, to paraphrase an old advertising slogan, it really does do ‘exactly what it says on the label.’

Acting as the ultimate WooCommerce plugin, this little gem boasts a wealth of features  and extensions designed to add more back-end control and front-end functionality to your online store.

UltimateWoo’s free version comes with 13 of these extensions pre-installed, while upgrading to the pro version gets you almost four times as many.

If you’re serious about your new eCommerce site, this one is definitely worth your time as it handles lot of little -yet often vital- things very well. Check out fields, shipment tracking, tab management and other tools are all included, and can all be controlled through one very simple-to-use interface.

WooCommerce Subscriptions

Though it’s easy to use the WooCommerce platform for WordPress to process one-off payments for goods or services, it often seems at first that it’s not exactly suitable for subscription-based business models. With this extension, that’s no longer the case. Download, install, and you can now start processing regular payments on an ongoing basis, perfect for creating membership sites where membership fees are due at certain intervals.

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

An awesome little extension that’s ideal for increasing conversion rates and lure customers back to your store. Think about it, how often have you started buying something online only to run out of time or get caught up with something else and find yourself shutting the browser down before finalising that purchase.

Then, how many times has a gentle email prod from the store itself had you go back to that site to finish off the job. With the WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart, you can do this very same thing, even offering special discount offers to finalise that sale.

WooCommerce Social Login

Most top WooCommerce Hosting providers come with a bunch of free social media tools available through their one-click installation panels, but few are more suitable for WooCommerce sites than this great free product.

An all=powerful tool, social media login provides you with a wealth of options to make customer log-ins,  checkouts and account creations quicker and simpler by using their social media credentials to access your website.

Easy to use and with a bank of accessible tutorials, WooCommerce Social Login can be used with short code so that you can put the buttons anywhere you please.

WooCommerce Admin Bar Addition

Last but certainly not least, the WooCommerce Admin Bar Addition plugin is a small, yet infinitely useful little extension that makes accessing and editing essential eCommerce components easier by adding several options to the WordPress admin bar that appears on your site when you’re logged in.

Using this, you can access your Woocommerce settings, catalog, orders and more from anywhere on your site, without having to go back to the dashboard to manage your store. Highly recommended.