10 Reasons to Sign up for a Course in Web Design

Statistics has determined that as of September 2014, there are currently an approximate one billion active websites living on the internet all vying for the continual attention of curious web surfers. That impressive fact alone is reason enough to consider a career in web design. However, there are many other reasons that make the choice to be a professional web designer even more appealing.

Websites and web design go together like peanut butter and jelly; they are okay by themselves but so much better when smooshed together. In fact, without a properly designed website, the space will most likely fail to reach its full potential. And, since websites are popping up everywhere with the intentions of being successful, high-quality web designers are constantly in high demand.

10 Reasons to Sign up for a Course in Web Design: 

  1. Huge return on investment: Many people hesitate or fail to go back to school and nurture their passions because of the investment it usually takes to see it through. It is an understatement to say that successfully completing and understanding the training in web design will take money, time and dedication, however you will see a huge return on your investment once you begin your exciting career. You should make the decision about taking web design courses not thinking about the sacrifices you will have to make but instead thinking about the massive rewards that can come upon completion. Additionally, many institutes offer financial aid and flexible class schedules to fit many lifestyles.
  2. Learn new skills: Web design courses are ideal for people who deem themselves creative, innovative and forward thinking. High quality courses for web design will expose you to new skills such as scripting, programming, responsive design, video production, 3D animation, CSS, HTML, javascript, PHP, SEO, dynamic content and interactive digital media just to name a few. When you have reached the completion of your courses you will be able to both creatively and technically design functional websites. Additionally,  you will understand what it takes to market and promote websites and how to keep those valuable visitors coming back for more.
  3. Builds your confidence and self-worth: You may have taken a break after high school to do other things and are now deciding to nurture your desire to be a force in the digital design field years later. If you are seriously thinking about furthering your web design knowledge then you should go for it. Going back to school and following your dreams is one of the best ways to build your confidence and self-worth. And your determination to succeed will inspire others to do so as well.
  4. Web designers will always be in demand: As mentioned earlier, the number of websites popping up on the internet are growing everyday, so it is safe to say that this age of digital will continue on for many centuries to come. Web designers will always be sort after to help entrepreneurs and webmasters create quality sites. Therefore, this career path will keep you on the forefront of technology and innovation and your skills and talent will always be relevant and needed.
  5. Various career opportunities: While becoming a web designer is the obvious career choice when taking courses in web design, there are many other sub-careers that can be considered with the skills you will be learning. For example, you can choose to go on to become a game designer or even a web content specialist, graphic designer, search engine optimization specialist, a marketer or a production artist.
  6. You can be your own boss: One of the best things about training in the field of web design is the ability to be your own boss. Once you have managed to build an impressive portfolio, you can either choose to work in the web design department or the IT department of a big or small company or you can offer your services as an independent agent. As an independent agent, you can work remotely from your home office and take on web design projects from multiple clients.
  7. May inspire you to build your own website: Many professional web designers take on the task of designing websites for themselves as well as other clients. The fact that upon completing your course you will possess the inside knowledge that you will need to create a successful website may just inspire you to do so. You can determine a vision for your website and design one that attracts the masses, which in turn can  generate income and  popularity.
  8. Rewarding career choice: Web design happens to be one of the most personally rewarding career choices in existence. As a designer, you will be taking on the responsibility to build easily functioning websites that are aesthetically pleasing and a pleasure to visit by millions of people every day. It is your job to make something beautiful for your clients and their visitors, and that responsibility is very rewarding.
  9. Referrals: Many independent, freelance designers snag more clients by the word of mouth referrals of past clients which can open the door for more exciting projects that push your abilities. Therefore, it is important to produce your best work so that your clients are happy and more opportunities can sprout.
  10. Lucrative career field: While the money you can earn may fluctuate due to individual clients and length of projects, the approximate median salary for a quality digital designers is $52,000 a year or $26 an hour. However, that wage can increase drastically as your portfolio continues to grow and if you take on high profile clients and develop a positive reputation as being a great designer.

Making the decision to further your education regardless of the field is a good one, doing so proves that you have confidence in yourself and in your abilities. Going back to school also means that you are ready to change your lifestyle for the better. Web design training will continue to be a great option because of the exciting, innovative and creative digital age we are living in.