Updating to Windows 10

When it comes to technology, everybody seems to want the same thing: robust security, an easy-to-navigate operating system, simple updates and customized apps and programmes. Easy right? Not so much. The battle to satisfy customers has been raging for years – and the three main tech frontrunners Microsoft, Apple and Linux have all won at different stages. As the trend and demand for smarter technology and more compatibility across personal devices continue to grow, it looks like Microsoft might just be nudging ahead of Apple and Linux with the launch of Windows 10. Here’s why:

1. Back to the beginning

In a brave but much-yearned-for move, Microsoft has re-introduced its Start Menu in Windows 10. Dearly-missed by users of Windows 8, the version 10 Start Menu will offer existing features and new options – such as an internet search bar.

2. Personalised Desktop with best of both worlds

Windows 10 will also offer users the opportunity to combine favorite tiles and apps from their old operating system with new 10 features. Tiles on the Start page can now include, calendar, inbox updates and social media feeds.

3. Free, easy installation

Incredible but true: users can download  Windows 10 – Tesco have a handy guide to help you get started – via ‘Windows Update’ feature on Windows 7 and 8. Moving or upgrading to 10 has never been easier and it will be free for existing windows users to download for one year.

4. More compatibility across devices

From a developer’s point of view, Windows 10 has been designed in such a way that there will be greater compatibility between desktops, laptops, tablets, phablets and smartphones. Better still, each device will offer an improved, tailored experience.

5. Virtual Desktops

The trend for multiple desktops continues to grow and both Apple and Linux have long-offered its users this benefit. Finally, Microsoft’s Windows 10 will enable users to create a virtual desktop via a ‘task view’ button which allows customers to jump from screen to screen. Furthermore, ahead of Apple and Linux, the appearance of Microsoft virtual desktops can be customized according to work or home mode.

While there are still concerns about Windows 10’s reliance on the internet for some of its features (which might mean compromised security), this new operating system has automatic updates to help instantly stamp out threats and bugs. Overall, the outlook is positive.