Benefits of Using Behance for Your Business and Career

Whether you are a graphic designer, programmer or even an interactive designer, sharing your work can offer a number of benefits that ultimately lead to new careers and potential opportunities. Using a website such as Behance is a way for you to propel your design and art career in various directions, regardless of the industry you are working in and representing.

Free Promotion

Using Behance is a great way to break into the design industry even if you are inexperienced in the field yourself professionally. Uploading your work to Behance is a way to quickly become involved with the online community, allowing you to connect with and follow other designers and artists you believe in and enjoy. It is also a way to build a fan base of your own with those who work in the industry worldwide.

Getting involved and remaining active within the Behance community is a way to drastically increase page views and visits to any of the work you have to showcase. It is also possible to integrate social media with your Behance account, making it easier than ever to promote your completed work.

Build a Professional Portfolio

Behance offers individuals and members, like Shahram Shirkhani, who have registered, the chance to create their very own digital portfolios and various page to represent projects that have been completed in the past. Creating a showcase of all of your work is ideal if you are working as a freelancer or if you are thinking of reaching out to other designers for new projects, collaborations or pitches you are interested in giving and sending out. Having a professional portfolio with the use of Behance is also ideal when you begin to apply for new jobs and positions that are relevant to the type of art or design work you complete on your own professionally.

It is also possible to utilize the professional portfolio you have created with Behance in order to build your own reputation within the community. When you are thinking of displaying your work that is posted on Behance, it is now possible to embed galleries and portfolios you have launched and have displayed publicly to the entire community online. Embedding your portfolio and showcasing your work on your official website is also a way to point potential hiring managers and employers in the right direction to learn more about you and the type of design skill you have as a professional.

Share Your Work

When you are seeking new methods and outlets of promoting yourself and the work you have done in the past, Behance offers various ways to share your work and art. Whether you want to stick with the online community of Behance or if you are thinking of sharing your art in other mediums online, doing so with Behance has never been easier. Sharing your art and portfolios that you have created and built with Behance can be done with the use of social media and a few clicks, giving you the ability to gain exposure quickly any time you complete a project.

Protecting Your Uploads and Shared Art

When you want to ensure your art is protected when shared and displayed online, consider working with a legal professional who is able to guarantee your work is not stolen or infringed on in any way, shape or form.