Why you Need Managed WordPress Hosting for Good WordPress Blog

The speed of a website is always one of the major contributors to website success. That is why top websites are implementing a new strategy every day to enhance speed. You might be asking why speed is so essential, speed contributes too many other aspects of a website such as SEO, conversion rate, contents engagement, etc. One of the best ways to avoid running a slow website is to use optimized scripts like WordPress to create your website. Sometimes using optimized scripts won’t be enough, because the hosting and the available resource for the website also have a big say concerning website speed.

People tend to focus on the structure and contents of a website as the primary factor contributing to the slow speed of websites. People fail to consider the nature of the website’s hosting plan, you can consider learning how to choose the best WP host. Take a shared hosting plan, for example; the resources on the server are shared with hundreds of other websites. The heavily shared resources will affect websites in one way or the order, slow speed is one of the obvious ways.

In addition to the hosting types, other 2 minor factors slow down WordPress websites

  1. Non-optimized media contents; every element used in designing WordPress has been optimized for speed. However, content uploaded by users sometimes slow down a WordPress website due to its crude nature. An example is uploading large images where medium-size or thumbnail can work. Or full videos where short clips can work. The size of these media files always contributes to the amount of data that web browsers will process before a web page is ready.
  2. Outdated modules; modules such as themes, plugins and SSL certificates contribute largely to the slow speed of WordPress websites. The reason has been that they were made for a specific older version of WordPress and would likely keep up with the latest releases.

There is a solution that takes care of both the major and the minor factors that slow down your WordPress website; A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting.

A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting

This hosting package is ideal for all type of WordPress websites; it comes with full resources needed for the site to perform at its maximum speed. A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting is a dedicated hosting e.g., each website is isolated with adequate resources. There is no competition for the resources; thus, such website will perform faster. Below are more reasons why this hosting plan is best for WordPress websites.

  • Jetpack license; Jetpack is one of the useful plugins to boost the speed of a WordPress website. To use Jetpack, you will need a personal license which you have to purchase. You will have this license free of charge when you purchase any of the A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting plans.
  • Turbo speed (20X faster); the dedicated servers used for hosting in this plan is ultra-fast. The server is capable of up to 20 times the speed of a typical website server.
  • Website caching; caching is one of the technologies that improve website speed. A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting comes with the W3 Total Cache pre-installed. And you also have access to other free similar plugins to boost your WordPress website.
  • Automatic update; you might forget to update your WordPress components, but bots that have been put in place to get this done can never forget. And you can only get them to work when you purchase the A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting plan.
  • Up to 40GB storage space; unavailability of storage space on a website server often slows down the website performance. The basic plan on A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting comes with 10GB for adequate storage space.

Aside from speed enhancement, A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting plan also has features that boost productivity. This is the reason why it is ‘managed’ for you. Such features help to perform the more technical and time-consuming tasks while you focus on creating rich contents for your WordPress website.

  • Automated backup; you do not need to worry about backing up your website, A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting takes care of it at your specified periodic interval.
  • Site migration; migrating a WordPress website from one server to another is a task best left to experts. This service comes as a free service when you purchase any of the A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting plan.
  • Site staging; you can test another version of your website secretly without affecting the live website. This feature is mostly useful for developers.
  • SEO; with A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting plan, you will have free SEO plugins in abundant.