The Benefits of Using WordPress for a Business or Leisure Site

Using WordPress to create a website is easy and requires very little coding knowledge. In fact, besides customizing the theme or adjusting individual widget CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), you can create an entire site without knowing any HTML, JavaScript or database languages. There are countless widgets and plug-ins that let you do almost anything by simply adding them to your site through the backend. Whether you’re looking to blog about a hobby or passion or implement a fully functional eCommerce portal, WordPress gives you the tools and options necessary to create what you want with limited knowledge or experience.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a type of CMS (Content Management System) that is hugely popular with both large and small businesses and individuals. Its ease of use and automation of typically difficult, code-intensive tasks makes it a great solution for people interested in a full-featured website without needing an entire team of coders, designers and managers. A vast variety of plug-ins and widgets are available to add practically any functionality imaginable. It’s particularly useful for blogs with a lot of content and e-commerce sites that use images and threaded information to describe individual items; for example, a real estate site.

How Do You Setup a WordPress Website?

There are host services available that allow you to create a WordPress website for free. These hosting sites will give you a sub-domain under their main domain name. However, if you can, it’s best to pay for a Web hosting service like GoDaddy. A paid domain will get far more respect from search engines and users alike, and you’ll see a lot more visitors than with a free service. Also, most of these premium hosting services already offer WordPress as a CMS option, so installation and setup is a breeze.

Once you have a domain and a hosting plan, it’s time to decide what you want your site to look like. This is where using a CMS like WordPress comes in handy. There are literally thousands of theme choices available and most of the design options are easily configured through menus in the back-end. You can feasibly create the site and have it live within a few hours or a day. This lets you focus on the important things like adding content or product information.

How Do You Customize a WordPress Website?

The thing that makes WordPress such a popular CMS is the availability of widgets and plug-ins. These additions let you add different user functionality to your site. They range from widgets that allow visitors to easily share content on social media networks, to full plug-ins that add e-commerce solutions including shopping carts and secured payment options. The point of a CMS is to put the power of customization into the hands of the Website owner without requiring them to know extensive coding languages or design elements.

A WordPress website will allow you to provide your audience or customers with a professional and easily navigated structure without all the time, stress and investment of a traditionally designed site.