How to Start Online Shop with WordPress

We are living in a digital era. It is a time when the internet reigns supreme. It made our lives convenient in more ways than one, such as when shopping. Gone were the days when you need to drive far just to buy the stuff you need. Also, with websites like, it is easier to compare products to make an intelligent decision on what to buy.

With the continuous popularity of online shopping, it presents an attractive business opportunity. If you want to build an online shop, you can easily do so with WordPress. Clueless about how to get started? Read this short guide and learn from the insights we’ll share!

Why Choose WordPress?

According to Entrepreneur, WordPress is the most popular content management system. While it is a common choice for businesses to start blogs to improve their online visibility, it is also a great choice for an e-commerce website.

Among others, WordPress is a good place to start your online shop because it is simple and straightforward to use. There are tons of templates available and it has an intuitive interface. Even if you are a novice, it will be effortless to build your online store from scratch. It is also SEO-friendly, so you can expect good ranking and visibility. Plus, it constantly receives updates, so you can be confident that your shop remains in tip-top shape.

A Step-by-Step-Guide on Building an Online Store

Now, let’s go to the most important part of this post and talk about the basics of how to start your online shop with WordPress.

  1. Pick a Niche

The first thing that you need to do is to choose a niche that you would like to tap. This is one of the most important steps in building your online store. Pick one that is not served by current competitors or an area that you are passionate about. See to it as well that there is a demand. Otherwise, your business is doomed to fail even before you start.

  • Think of a Domain Name

This is important as it is how your customers will find your website. The goal is to make it easy to remember. It should be relevant to your business, such as with what you are selling. The domain name should also be unique. Otherwise, it is easy to confuse you with your competitors. It should be short. You should also conduct keyword research to increase the likelihood that your chosen domain name will be great when it comes to online visibility.

Need help choosing a domain name? Check out this short guide –

  • Choose a Plug-In

After deciding that WordPress is your platform of choice, the next thing that you need to do is to pick a plug-in. The plug-in will enhance the current features of WordPress and make it suitable for an e-commerce website. The most popular is WooCommerce. However, this does not mean that you should immediately settle with the latter. We suggest that you explore all options to come up with the right decision. The type of product or service you are selling will also dictate which plug-in is best.

When choosing a plug-in, you should review all their features to be sure that they are suitable for the website that you are trying to build. See to it as well that they have excellent security features.

  • Choose a Theme

The theme of your e-commerce store will make it unique. It will make the website stand out from your competitors. The theme is also crucial to attract and engage your target market. Aside from the aesthetics, another important consideration is responsiveness, making sure that it will provide a seamless and intuitive experience.

  • Upload Pictures

One of the most important for your WordPress e-commerce store is to have attractive pictures that will convince customers to buy. Upload pictures of the products that you are selling make sure that these pictures are taken professionally. It is an investment that will help you to boost your sales. It gives the customers an idea of what they are buying.

  • Add More Content

While pictures can help, they are not enough to take your e-commerce shop to the next level. It is crucial that you upload more content to captivate the attention of your audience. For instance, the pictures should come with detailed product descriptions and price. It is also good to have a section that talks about the company, as well as a blog. Take this as an opportunity to increase your rankings in search engine sites.

When adding content, you should start with keyword research. This will let you know the best keywords to integrate into your content.  Page titles, meta descriptions, and image alt tags are also important for improving search rankings.

  • Roll Out and Promote

At this point, you are most probably ready with your online store. As you roll out, make sure that you take the time as well to think about promotions. You should invest in smart marketing strategies to make everyone aware of whatever you are offering. Social media marketing is one of the most promising. It is known not only for its extensive reach but also for being cost-effective.

One of the best ways to promote traffic in your new online shop is through Facebook Ads. It is highly-targeted. You can set up geographic locations, age, and other factors that will dictate the people who will be viewing your ads.

Wrap Up

If you have always wanted to start an online shop, now is the best time to do it! You can sell almost anything that you can think of. Success, however, is uncertain. Tough competition will confront you. Take note of the things mentioned above to make it easier for you to start on the right foot. WordPress is a great place to build your online store because it is free and simple to use. Even for novices, it won’t take long before your online store is ready!