Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog and What it Can Do For You

Blogs are a platform that can transform the way you connect with an online community and be the perfect way to inspire others, to connect with others and to launch your own online presence.

What is a Blog and Why Should You Have One?

A blog is an online forum and platform that anybody can create. Blogs are run all over the world from people in their own homes to business professionals. Creating a blog from scratch will help you create an online space to share your opinions and reviews of issues critical to you. With a blog it is easy to create a community of people with shared interests.

A blog can be shared on a personal website, on social media and can be used as a tool to market businesses online.

How do you Create a Blog?

A blog can be created without cost and there are many online sites that provide a canvas and a template from which to create a blog. Blogs often feature topics of interest and/or topics of personal opinion. Personal stories can be shared on blogs and questions can be asked to which responses from all avenues of the globe to spark conversation and to invoke further research and thought.

What Does a Blog do?

A blog creates a space for thoughts to be shared, for questions to be asked, for input to be sought, and for communication between any number of individuals to occur. Blogs, questions and answers, and interaction with the audience reading and reacting to the blog also is helpful in sharing information and raising awareness on topics of interest.

Blogs are often a way of immediately sharing views on trending topics across the world, in documenting important events and in responding to questions of debate. That then is used to further influence people and their ideas as well as their questions and can have an impact on decisions that people and questions they ask themselves which can then occur not only in the immediate environment but across the world. 

Expressing Yourself through a Blog

Creating a blog from scratch enables you to build and create a platform where you have the freedom to express yourself however you wish. It’s a tool that helps you to build confidence and build writing skills and the ability to connect with others as you go. One can build an audience online through having and creating a blog and connect with others from all around the world. It provides a platform through which expressions can be made, connections can be formed and which can lead to bigger and greater things. A blog can act as a personal diary and then can build on content that is attractive to others than creating a following from an audience and can continue to bring engagement with others.

Blogging as a source of Financial Income

Financial gain can be a beneficial reason for blogging. Blogging can create opportunities to form a community with others online which can then serve as a platform for increasing finance through freelance work that can arise as a result of blogging. Through gained insight and self-expression that comes from a blog, one can develop influence which can lead to financial opportunity. Blogging not only connects someone to local peers but also to global influence and input. From an online platform such as a blog, one can build an online profile and a resume. Blogging is a current way to market business also. Many businesses form online and build a community through an online presence which is ever-expanding.

Blogging as an Online Portfolio

Blogging gives you the tools to build an online presence and to influence people across the globe through your topics of interest and personal opinions. It helps you to get your name out there, your writing out there and your personal opinions out into the world wide web. Blogging can increase self-esteem and can help one to grow in formulating their own ideas, sharing their opinions and strengthening their convictions as they share on views that are important and back those up with evidence as to why they believe those things. It’s a powerful tool in influencing those around them.

What to do With a Blog

Choose a topic of interest. Pick a design theme that you love and that will attract others to your blog. Create a table of contents for your blog that are easily understandable for your audience so that they can immediately find posts that interest them. Talk about what makes your blog unique. Clearly outline what it is that you’re talking about. Come up with themes in content for your blog as well as design.

Write a number of posts on the same topic to begin a theme and grow from there. Enable people to give feedback and comment so that you can base further content and what you know interests your audience and steer away from content that’s not as popular. Attract your audience by working with them and building on what they love to see. Write out FAQs for your audience- questions that you’re frequently asked to avoid repeating yourself to new readers. Invite people to share in your blog with you, have a guest blogger as you build your content so that the audience can engage with people that may have interests specifically similar to theirs.

Things to Keep in Mind

 Make it clear what sets your blog apart from others out there. Make it memorable. Make it eye-catching. Make it stick out in the memory of your audience. Make it unique to you.


A blog is an excellent way of attracting and keeping an audience. Many businesses use blogging to attract visitors and new clients. However one thing to keep in mind is blogging like most things in life requires consistency. If you want to be successful, you need to keep on blogging as no one wants to read a blog with stale information.