Effective Tips to Improve UX in 2018

We are all aware that creation of a website is compulsory for establishing a new business in today’s era of internet. The modern era of internet has seen several online businesses bloom and cater to the evolving needs of the contemporary consumer. Day after day, as websites become prominent, the competition to rank on the top of the search engine result pages becomes tough. And this competition is no longer left to the traditional keywords and competent content, but has evolved largely such that user interface and user experience also decide the likability of the website, thereby elevating the overall browsing experience.

Having said this, today’s designers are more focused on the user experience the website offers to its users. Stats have revealed that 79% of the visitors will go away from the website if they don’t find what they are searching for. 66% of the visitors prefer reading content that is beautifully placed, and 38% of the people will fail to engage with the website if the content layout is not effective enough. Following these stats, Minds Metricks, one of the leading web development companies Dubai has to offer, has come up with effective User Experience or UX tips for designers to follow:

1. Responsive & Mobile-friendly

52% of the people will stop engaging with the website if it is not compatible with their smartphone. Having said this, it is necessary to make the website user-friendly for mobile internet users, who contribute to a major segment of internet users online. And while catering to this large chunk of audience, one needs to make the website responsive such that it easily adapts to any screen size. This will ensure an outstanding experience to the users, thereby decreasing the bounce rate.

2. Page Loading Time

39% of the people stop engaging with a website if it takes more time to load. Page load times matter when we talk about crisp designs that are meant to be engaging. Your website may be the best in class with respect to design, but it will fail to engage the users if the page load speed is slow. Poor page load speeds hamper the conversion rates, thereby increasing bounce rates, and affecting the overall user experience and brand. If you are using CMS such as WordPress, then ensure that you optimize your website and its theme such that page load time is faster. This can be done by shrinking the images, using vectors, and deploying caching techniques.

3. Website Security

Your users will like your website when they feel that the website is trustworthy enough to handle their information. And this is best done by gaining the ‘https’ badge on the website. Robust security not only guarantees an exceptional browsing experience, but also increases trust, especially when there are payment gateways installed on the website. So if you are offering an online service or hosting an ecommerce store, do get SSL certification at the earliest.

4. Bullets

Paragraphs look great in books, but they fail to make a catching impression on website. Bullets, on the other hand, have the power to disseminate information quickly and precisely, thereby giving the users what they want easily. Bullet points can be easily paired with images such that you can explain the point briefly in a better and crisper way. This will not only make the pages attractive, but also increase the conversion.

5. Use Attractive CTA

Having a clear and prominent CTA on a website enhances the user experience largely. Websites with clear CTAs have better conversion than those with unclear or masked CTAs. Another important thing to consider is the placement of button. By keeping clear and precise CTAs, conversions can be increased by 27%.