4 Key Factors To Modern Web Design

Each year we witness new styles and elements in website design. When thoughtfully incorporated, these trends tell the world stories about your company. Luckily, you don’t need to know anything about coding to get started in creating your own website if you use a website builder. Take a look at a Wix review amongst others to get the correct feel for you.

Below are four such items that should be included in a modern website design:

1. Unique Typography

For faster identification, most companies have a particular font or typography that sets them apart from their competitor firms. Website designers have access to numerous fonts to choose from. These fonts enable different brands to express themselves in a more conspicuous manner. Lately, technology companies and startups have embraced special fonts like Blokletters-Balpen.

Typography is useful in that it utilizes a single design trend to direct readers to various sections of the page.

Your typography choice is a clear indication of the kind of person you are. The typography on your company’s brand can depict you as a funny, serious, functional or informational person.

Ensure you choose a font that is supported by all browsers across computers so that your website does not display awkwardly on other devices.

2. Responsive and Large Hero Images

Large images with text create strong visual experiences that encourage visitors to your site to keep scrolling down and reading more. As a website developer or designer, you need to place large hero images at the background and overlay a text or any content on top.

Large images are useful in that they convey your story to your customers who do not necessarily need to read text. Use images that are incredibly powerful and can be accessed from tablets, phones or desktop computers.

3. Background Videos

Playing videos (without sound) in the background will go a long way into adding significant value to a page. Such videos give a website a modern feel as it significantly reduces the amount of content you require to elaborately and clearly explain your business. An excellent background video is a brilliant way to urge on your visitor to click through to the main video.

A useful background video engages your visitor right from the time they land on your webpage. Through the video, your visitor should understand your company’s fundamental points without having to read any text.

Besides, our brains process and assimilate videos 60,000 times faster compared to text. Our ability to recognize videos explains why many people shy off from reading huge blocks of text but are quick to watch videos. It is advantageous that the modern times have witnessed an improvement on mobile device sizes, which in turn improves video experience.

4. Gorgeous Animations

The use of animations in a modern website is rapidly becoming indispensable. Gorgeous animations make the site’s storytelling experience more entertaining and interactive. It is of significant importance that you determine if an animation adds to your personality and your site’s story before you decide to stick it.

The animations you can use are classified into two categories:

  • Large scale animations: They include effects like pop-up notifications and parallax scrolling. They have more impact on customers and are used as primary interaction tools.
  • Small-scale animations: These do not require user input. They include spinners, loading bars, and hover devices.

There are more trends than the three explained above. A modern website encompasses these and much more, choosing correctly those that are right for their job.