Creating An Eye Catching Website Worth Reading

When it comes to creating a website, even if you’re just doing it for fun, you want people to come to it, or you wouldn’t waste all the time and money setting it up. For businesses, websites are an important sales tool that you must have if you want to be a good salesman, and get your company and products found by consumers or other businesses. With so many websites already in existence, even perusing the web won’t give you all the answers you need to know what makes a website worth reading.

You can create an eye catching website, whether for personal use or business. You really just need to know what people are looking for when they visit a website. Here are some things that will help get them to stick around when they find yours.

Colors And Font

The first things that most people notice when they visit a website are the colors and the font. You want colors that people can see easily and not strain their eyes for. That also means making sure your background colors and font colors work well together.

Size of font, and the style too, matter. Make sure you are picking fonts that are simple and easy to read, and making them a size that people can read without the use of a magnifying glass. You also need to consider the fact that many people are perusing the internet on small devices now, like smartphones and tablets, so it’s important to make sure your choices convert well there as well.

The Right Pages

Part of having an appealing website includes having the pages people want to see. That means have a static front page that lets people know why they are visiting your site, an about page where they can learn about you or your company, and even a contact page to make getting ahold of you easier. If you’re selling through your site, you need a good shopping cart area as well.

Using Photos And Videos

People love visuals when they visit a website. Make sure you are taking advantage of this and having pictures available on each page. If you are talking statistics, or anything with bullet points, consider sharing infographics on your website as well.


Every website needs a blog. It’s visually pleasing, gives people extra info about you or your business. Make sure your articles are giving them info they want and need, but also make sure you blog is filled with more than just words.

Your videos and photos will crossover well to blog posts. When people have a visual to go with the words they are reading they are more likely to keep reading.