How to Write an Essay on Instagram Addiction

Topic Actuality

Addiction is a weighted word typically associated with something horrific and disturbing like alcohol addiction or drug abuse. We all understand how important it is to steer clear of narcotics and distance ourselves from anything detrimental to our health. It is not that complex to indicate those “intruders” in the form of substances of various chemical compositions whether it is solid, liquid or smoke-like. But how to track down a “contaminant” that is invisible and no one ever told us since childhood to be aware of? With the strength of words one can reflect on it in their essay. Discuss current issue, ways of managing it or just spread awareness on crucial social phenomena. Do not belittle yourself. Your essay might help some addicts awake and make baby steps on the way toward health.

Social media which were meant to be a world-wide connecting and informative device over the last decade morphed into controversial and at times scandalous service. It is also important to stay unbiased. We ought to recognize all the good social media provide us with regarding communication, exchange of inspiration or content sharing. But modern generation, the most active users of socials, is drastically different from what youngsters used to be, this being a good and bad thing in diverse cases. Social media addiction is a loaded subject everyone has some opinion about. Express yours in a unique way without ordering this paper from essay writing service with our tips down below.

How To Start An Essay

The introduction should start with a hook sentence or 2 that will lure the audience into reading in recognition of who your target audience is. Everyone has their ways of getting readers’ attention they are comfortable with. Whether it is something smart, witty, bizarre or just thought-provoking. Proceed with 1 or 2 broader orienting sentences in order to make clear which facet of a problem you are going to bring up. You may include brief information about the history of IG. It should showcase the meaning behind thesis which crowns the introduction. Thesis statement gives a general overlook on the essay and expresses your main idea regarding the topic. Some people find it easier to form a thesis by the end of writing.

Internet, video games or social media addiction is one of the most relevant topics today which gives rise to many a discussion. Almost every single person is familiar with it in some kind of way. Everyone has formed their opinion based on experience. That is why it might be hard to stay impartial or remain neutral if you do not acknowledge Instagram addiction as an important issue. But as long as you have arguments in support of your viewpoint there is no reason to pretend and go with the flow. When writing about something debatable the best moves you can do is to be sincere, thus, explaining yourself in the body part will be a piece of cake.

Introduction Example

Happiness is all human beings desire at heart. Whether by means of praise and admiration or materialism, but we all crave contentment as animate objects. Today when the word “normal” has a blurred definition “happiness” has become even broader owing to how unique each human’s personality and interests are. Instagram came around in the late 2010. It had 10 million people hooked on in just a year. 1 billion active accounts on IG now tell us there is something more behind simple appreciation for the concept, interface, filters and hashtags. Instagram addiction, which what extreme values constriction and all-pervading visualization leads to, is just a cry for validation, self-identification, and we ought to own our issues and change.

How To Write A Body

The body of an essay usually includes 3 paragraphs depending on a stand you take that in total represent your insights and findings. Do not forget about transition words or phrases. Make a smooth shift to the main statement, claim or observation. Use interesting comparisons and analogy to get out your message to people who mayhap do not realize their addiction. When supporting your statement turn to personal experience which will allow Instagram users relate to you more and discern their traits. There is always a room for some statistics data and events from authorized sources. Those are frequently troubling ones but serve as strong and graphic back up. Some subtle comedy will get more people engaged in the paper and add a bit of authenticity to it which many grave matter topics lack. Sum it all up by recasting the statement sentence aptly incorporating some methods of solution or pieces of advice.

Body Paragraphs Example

To start out, it is worth noticing all Instagram addicts search for on this app at its purest level is happiness. People crave for self-fulfillment which automatically makes us happier. And when real life brings only disappointment we turn to socials. Through posting beautiful pictures of a perfect face or body some addicts start to feed on this self-content, dopamine, and lead a life just for another IG picture. There is a hesitation whether those people would still care about their appearance if they lived on a deserted island. If you are doing something only to place it on display, rethink your choices now.

Not only need for validation but also materialism is consuming people these days forcing them to forget our authentic values. How many people during concerts forget to enjoy the show? They have phones in their hands the entire time to be ready to film. Addicts need you to behold their highlight reel they carefully create but no human is perfect and happy 24/7 which is ok, and we tend to neglect this.

Another thing to acknowledge is mental issues Instagram addiction provokes. The Center for Collegiate Mental Health found that top 3 diagnoses on university campuses were anxiety, depression and stress. World-wide studies have linked these statistics with high social media use. There is no reason to devour tons of photos that depreciate you, waste time uploading pictures and anxiously wait for likes and comments.

How To Conclude An Essay

Conclusion is written incorporating every aspect discussed in the essay including arguments and a main message or even morals but without new info. Paraphrase the thesis adding some touches and accents you unveiled in the body part. Depending on the viewpoint you stand for you may end the essay with an insightful remark encouraging Instagram users to sort themselves out and realize their genuine needs. There is also an option to sum up with a sentence that makes the reader question themselves regarding use of social network. After all, you may conclude your work with a zinger. Making the audience smile you will inspire them to practice more IG-independent lifestyle.

Conclusion Example

Escaping every social media is not always an option but working on mind-enrichment can finally set one’s inner self free. Free from validation, idolization, low self-esteem, judgments, stress and materialism. Finding true happiness in the real world is what going to bring fulfillment while social media should stay just a tool as it was meant to be.