What Makes a Good Logo?

People underestimate the importance of a logo. They are often what will capture and hold a person’s attention, and help them remember a company, corporation, charity or event. And yet you’d be amazed by how little thought is put into their designs at times.

Think about all the greatest companies in the world: Cadbury, Apple, Microsoft, Macdonalds. What do they all have in common? They have logos which are recognizable all over the world, thanks to talented people brainstorming ideas and tweaking the logo until the finished product almost sells the companies product for them. The trouble a lot of businesses find, is they have people in charge of logo design who don’t know what they are doing.

Not every designer was made to be a genius with logos. In fact, many would rather not attempt a logo project because they are so difficult. And with a lot riding on them, it’s hardly worth the pressure if you don’t have the talent. Lets imagine for a moment that you are starting up a brand new online poker website. Are you going to take the time to hire a graphic designer who specialises in this field, or would you do it yourself?

If you are choosing the latter option, you’ll need to understand what makes a good logo design before you even attempt to brainstorm ideas. A good logo must fit its purpose, be easily adapted to different sizes and formats, be able to withstand the changing times without becoming outdated, and be memorable enough to make people think of your online poker site over others. You have to remember poker players have been using poker sites like partypoker for years now, ones which offer a great interactive service, and allow you to play against opponents from across the world.

Your good logo design will be well researched. The designer has learned everything they can about the industry, in this case online poker gaming, and taken into account all relevant information, so they can work to make the logo stand out from the opposition in the market. Not only does this make it easier for the designer to communicate the right message with specific iconography of poker, it will also ensure no accidental plagiarism takes place.

So long as the logo fits the business, does not appear out-of-place on the poker website, page headers and advertisements, lets people know the type of service supplied (Texas Hold’em online gaming rooms), and is easy on the eye (simple but effective), your logo will do it’s intended job of drawing new poker lovers to your site.