Some of the Coolest Web Design Features Right Now!

You may well be aware of emerging trends in the worlds of fashion or interior design. However, the latest web design developments might not have caught your attention. This article will open your eyes to the technological advancements which are being made by the community of web experts. It will highlight the cool new layouts and navigational updates which have enabled ultimate online accessibility. While you may be eager to learn about the newest changes in the web design sphere, you may also want to check out some tools for web design testing such as Rapise which will help automate your testing and help you build an error free site.

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After reading this piece you will have a clearer understanding of evolution in the online sphere.

Single Page Design

There have been improvements in the functionality of search engines such as Google and Bing in recent times. They have been designed to help people in the hunt for specific information. However, users are still having trouble when visiting websites with vast numbers of pages. Thankfully some web designers have chosen to add internal search functionality. This means that visitors can see results related to the queries that they make. They have also opted to feature multiple content sections on single web pages. The Tweetdeck website has been designed in this way.

Fixed Navigation

Web designers have been fairly restricted in their ability to enhance online functionality in previous years. However, new programs have been developed with the aim of simplifying the overall design process. It is now possible to add flexible navigational bars which move when users scroll through website pages. This means that they can readily access the content sections which are of particular interest.

Responsive Layouts

People have made increasing use of sophisticated mobile phones, tablet computers and laptops over the last few years. The designers have produced websites which look good and function effectively on these devices. They have also developed the ability to make changes depending upon the behavior of different users. The specialists at Flickr and Twitter have done a particularly good job of optimising their websites for mobile use.

Retina Display

It may interest you to hear that retina screens are twice as dense as the LCD equivalents. They also offer improved contrast rations, viewing angles and reduced glare, according to the experts at Apple. The web designers have harnessed this technology to create websites which look particularly clear and sharp.

Rapid Sites

The leading web experts have had a longstanding desire to create sites which look great. They’ve attempted to include high quality images and include videos for the user’s entertainment. However, they have realised that the the integration of such file types results in reduced page loading times. This issue has been partly resolved by the development of high speed broadband internet. The designers have also found ways of streamlining content-rich pages.

Digital QR Codes

The widespread use of smartphones has prompted the development of apps and the addition of QR codes. They function in a similar way to the traditional bar codes. However, the data is transmitted over the internet. The digital system makes it easier for people to buy products and services online. It is expected that digital QR codes will be used more over the coming months and years.