30 Eye Popping Wallpapers for iPhone

iPhone is the most amazing smartphones on the market. Having an iPhone today is a statement that you want more besides the others. So here, I proudly present these outstanding iPhone wallpapers, designed by some of the finest and most creative artists around. The wallpapers are 320×480 pixels in resolution and are usable on the iPod Touch as well. You might also want to check out other wallpapers I’ve collected.

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1. iPhone Silver Apple Wallpapers

iPhone Silver Apple Wallpapers

2. iPhone Starcraft Battlecruiser Fleet Wallpapers

iPhone Starcraft Battlecruiser Fleet Wallpapers

3. Mattel Background iPhone Wallpaper

Mattel Background iPhone Wallpaper

4. Fire Woman iPhone Wallpaper

Fire Woman iPhone Wallpaper

5. Mirage iPhone Wallpaper

Mirage iPhone Wallpaper

6. Lightning iPhone Background

Lightning iPhone Background

7. Josie Maran iPhone Wallpaper

Josie Maran iPhone Wallpaper

8. 3D Boy + Butterfly

3D Boy + Butterfly

9. iPhone Monster Car Wallpaper

iPhone Monster Car Wallpaper

10. Karim Benzema iPhone 4 Wallpaper

Karim Benzema iPhone 4 Wallpaper

11. Brave Disney iPhone 4 Wallpaper

Brave Disney iPhone 4 Wallpaper

12. Little Mermaid iPhone Wallpaper

Little Mermaid iPhone Wallpaper

13. Water Bubbles iPhone Wallpaper

Water Bubbles iPhone Wallpaper

14. Flowers Up iPhone Wallpaper

Flowers Up iPhone Wallpaper

15. Seaside Inn

Seaside Inn

16. Demon Dog

Demon Dog

17. Lunarscape Background for iPhone

Lunarscape Background for iPhone

18. Lost Bride

Lost Bride

19. Vivid Imagination

Vivid Imagination

20. Kangaroo Hippo iPhone Wallpaper

Kangaroo Hippo iPhone Wallpaper

21. Morning View

Morning View

22. Anna Kournikova iPhone Wallpaper

Anna Kournikova iPhone Wallpaper

23. Beautiful Cliff Wallpapers

Beautiful Cliff Wallpapers

24. Space Needle iPhone Wallpaper

Space Needle iPhone Wallpaper

25. Pier 10 iPhone Wallpapers

Pier 10 iPhone Wallpapers

26. Celebrity Jessica Alba Wallpapers

Celebrity Jessica Alba Wallpapers

27. Dune Racer iPhone Wallpaper

Dune Racer iPhone Wallpaper

28. Parachutes


29. Pigeon Scare iPhone Wallpaper

Pigeon Scare iPhone Wallpaper

30. Arctic Scenery

Arctic Scenery