What’s the Difference Between a Web Designer or Developer?

Do you know the difference between a designer and a developer? It’s easy to get the two confused. They both help with building sites, and they’re both very-well informed in the digital arena. Additionally, you may find that you need to take out a student loan to borrow for a better future and get a solid education and degree in both areas. However, each professional has a focus in each different area. If you’re in the process of planning your career, and you’re wondering which route is best for your future, the following guide could help you to make your decision. Here, you’ll learn what makes the difference between these two careers, and why you pursue one over the other. Let’s take a closer look.

What are Designers?

These unique professionals are the person responsible for making websites look amazing. They focus on the style of your pages, as well as things like user experience and how different elements of a page might work. There are different kinds of web designer in the world today. For instance, if you’re interested in making things as straightforward and simple as possible for the people who visit websites online, you might become a UX expert. UX designers know how to craft websites that your audience will enjoy because they know how their demographics think.

On the other hand, if you’re committed to visuals, then you might embrace a more visual route. It’s this person’s job to improve the customer journey using impressive coding skills and creative knowledge. They help to conceptualize the unique tone or style of a company into that brand’s online present. These leaders in the market use elements of UX and UI design (user interface) to ensure that everything on a digital domain works and looks perfect.

What are Developers?

These experts are a little different. They are responsible for building the concept that supports the web design. In this arena, we’re looking at the people who build, rather than the visionaries that implement the creative touches. Website developers, just like their colleagues, can have different specialties. Back-end staff members can work on the back-end of websites, where things like JavaScript exist. They use their knowledge of coding to create a website that runs smoothly. From there, the pros can add the finishing touches that make the site sparkle.

There are also front-end focused individuals that work to create things that users can interact with. Using HTML and other languages, these developers create things like applications, widgets, and forms. Depending on your knowledge in the industry, you might even decide that you want to become a full-stack developer. This means that you work across the various layers of the front and back end in the virtual world. While it takes time to build your skills as a full-stack leader, you can access more opportunities in this kind of career, because you have the full package to offer your clients. Instead of coming to you for one thing, and a competitor for another, your clients can work with you on every aspect of their website.