Tips to go Paperless

Our generation is used to papers so much that now we find difficult to even avoid it. Making a paperless office is not so easy .Why should you go paperless? Is this possible? Huh? Well it is possible but difficult. Paper not only costs but also it is harmful to our environment since papers are created from trees and other plants. We are destroying our Green environment which again affects us in another way. The cost associated with printing, copying and storage also costs more.

So many people in companies just don’t care about papers and waste them so much. Even if they are recycled it doesn’t mean that they are to be wasted. Some tips to go paperless below

  • Paperless billing:- I know it sounds weird but switching to a digital bill will help you big time save money by cutting down print costs and paper costs. You can create a bill online by word processors and other software’s and mail the billing recipient. It is difficult ot go 100% paperless but we can almost become paperless.
  • Avoid check books and avail online Bill pay services.
  • Scan old documents and recycle old documents which are not needed. By doing these you will have less files in your cabinet and desks. Do not print unnecessary things. Buy a good scanner which can scan documents very fast and store them while you work on another. For home you can use a cheap scanner but for office use you can go for a heavy duty scanner which can do work faster.
  • Online file and document storage:-Instead of printing documents you can store them online and retrieve them when necessary instead of printing them. You can use an e-book reader to read all your books and documents. You can use Zoho Paperless Office and use their apps for online document management. By these tips you can considerably reduce the usage of paper and make your home or office paperless one day on the long run.