The Role of Graphic Design in Brand Recognition

Does your business have a unique brand? All businesses, large and small, should work on branding — especially if they think they offer a unique product or service. Branding offers long-term benefits like customer loyalty and brand familiarity. As your audience becomes familiar with your business, your marketing expenses will drop significantly.

What is Branding?

Unfortunately, you don’t have direct control of your brand. Branding is a perceived emotional image of your business, and it has less to do with logos and letterheads than you might think. However, graphic design does have a role in branding.

According to Web Designer Depot, branding is a complicated subject. While you and your designer are trying to determine how to brand your business, it’s not about what either of you want. In reality, branding relies on the perception of your audience.

You have to know what your audience is thinking if you want to present a consistent brand design. Surveys are a good way to understand your audience and capitalize on their perception. Only when you understand your customers can you successfully brand your business.

 Why is Branding Important?

A good brand has placement in a customer’s mind. It creates an attachment with an audience. When you try to build a business without branding it, your customers can lose sight of it. They may think of it as a generic or “copycat” business. If you want people to take your business seriously, you must consider how people perceive your brand.

Understanding Brand Recognition

A good design company can help your business achieve brand recognition, but only if you understand how to win the hearts of your customers. Once you know your audience, they will know your brand well enough to know what your business stands for.

Graphic designers and commercial printers can help create the recognized look of your company. Whether it’s your business logo, stationery, company brochures or catalogs, the design should be consistent and add to your brand. Consistency is the key if you want your audience to recognize your brand.

The Role of Graphic Designers

Design is only a small part of branding, but it’s an important one. A good design builds a solid foundation for your brand. The right color schemes and logos are memorable ones that stand out from the crowd. They are simple but powerful, easy to remember and hard to forget.

Designers contribute to a brand in many ways. In addition to the actual design, they contribute to the way a business is presented – from the kind of packaging a product comes in to the type and size of a business brochure. Even small things play a role in how an audience perceives and remembers a brand.

Your brand is the personality of your business, product or service. Before you spend any money on advertising or marketing, get to know your audience and define your brand. Then, work with a designer or printer to create brand recognition with a consistent design.