The SEO Strategies for Success

In the past 10 years, the use of search engine optimization (SEO) had dramatically changed. Google no longer rewards websites for keyword stuffing, but looks for authentic content that includes relevant keywords. Calgary SEO is an example of value-added content with properly chosen and placed keywords to attract Google for a high ranking. The best keywords are no longer a single word ad infinitum, but a group of words that relate to your business’s identity as well as to current and potential customers.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

The practice of keyword stuffing involves putting as many SEO words or phrases into a single page of text as possible. In the past, this was the method of choice for manipulating search engines to get a high ranking and drive more visitors to a website. A page that is cluttered with keywords and gave very little if any valuable content about the product or service on offer could be annoying at best and deceptive at worst. Today, Google filters out keyword-stuffed pages because they do not give useful content to users.

Keyword stuffing is considered a black-hat tactic and your site will be penalized. It could be moved down to oblivion in rankings or eliminated altogether. Google is trying to level the playing field for good sites that offer real value to users. Keyword stuffing will not help you and could hurt you. Most users who encounter keyword stuffing without valuable information will leave the site.

SEO Best Practices

Good SEO is called keyword targeting. Just as with keyword stuffing, keyword targeting will put keywords in the title, headline, URL, images, meta descriptions and text, but there is a big difference. Keyword targeting uses keywords in a way that makes sense to the user and the context of the text. Keyword stuffing squeezes them in anywhere they can fit. Placement is still important, but it must read normally and offer useful content. Forcing keywords to the beginning of each sentence or heading will not read well for the user. This will ultimately result in people leaving the website and looking further for the product, service or information they want.

The Advancement of Search Engines

Search engines today have algorithms that are sensitive enough to avoid keyword repetition and find keywords and related phrases that are like-terms. For your website, this means no more rehashing the same word or phrase, but using synonyms and other words that are relevant to the topic. You should choose words and phrases that matter to your business.

You can select a core group of keywords that your customers will relate to your business’s identity. It does not mean that you choose thousands of potential keywords. Keyword placing becomes one aspect of your strategy along with relevant and valuable information that your customer demographic wants. It not only creates a better read for users it is also the darling of the search engine.

Google and other search engines are putting the emphasis on the user’s experience rather than on the search engine’s bots. Keyword stuffing is considered a deceptive practice, today. The best SEO strategy is to use keyword targeting as part of your strategy for creating valuable content that attracts and keeps customers. When you focus on your customers’ experience, the keywords will naturally follow.