5 Reasons Why No Business Should Ignore Animated Content

Content is all about telling a story, and animation is all about bringing that story to life. In the hands of experienced creative agencies like Spiel Creative, animation literally transcends the limits of text and creates something that leaves a lasting impression on the minds of the audience. If you are not yet familiar with the effectiveness of animated content in business, read on to understand the five most important reasons as to why animated content is now an essential part of any successful marketing campaign on the web.

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A Faster, Visual Medium

Consider the fact that visual information is processed about 60,000 times faster than text by the human brain and you will realise why white board animations are infinitely faster and better when it comes to creating content for PR or marketing. Not only are they easier to understand, they deliver an immense amount of information to the audience within a very short period of time.

Embedded Psychological Appeal

There’s a reason why children like cartoons and while we don’t watch them as often when we grow up, the embedded psychological appeal is always there. Animated films have the tendency to connect with viewers on an emotional level and leave a lasting impression, provided the work is craftily done.

They Stand Out

There’s so much content out there that’s similar to each other that it’s a real challenge to stand out these days. Simple animations are a great way to stand out because with the help of expert digital artists you can put out exactly what’s on your mind in a unique way. Besides, they have not yet become part of the “digital noise” yet.

They Stand the Test of Time

The problem with content is that they get old pretty fast, but with animated content it’s also easier to update them. This is where even live action video cannot compete with animations because they are impossible to update without sacrificing quality and a lot of money. In case of animated videos however, changing texts, frames, adding newer animations, etc. is not only possible, but also much easier to do as well.

Animation is Inexpensive

While they are not exactly cheap, animated content is very cost effective. They are way more successful as compared to text-based content and a lot cheaper than shooting live action videos. Considering the fact that animated campaigns are sometimes even more successful than live action videos, especially on social media, it can be said that when it comes to cost-effectiveness, nothing beats animation.

The point is not to treat animated content as a way to replace all other forms of content everywhere, but to make it a necessary addition to what is already there or is being developed. For example, well created animated content leaves a very lasting first impression so it might be used to attract attention if your company is a relatively unknown startup trying to make its mark. On the other hand, a reputed company which has never used animation before can use the medium to do something new and different to shake things up a bit and appeal to audiences both old and new. It doesn’t matter what business you are in or what status your company is at right now, you will always stand to benefit from incorporating animation in your next marketing campaign.