Online Marketing Trends To Expect in 2019

With 2019 right around the corner it is now the time to talk about what to expect from online marketing. You surely want to have a really sold next year, one that will help you reach your goals. Fortunately, we now already know of some really big trends that are going to be reality during the next months. Online marketing will surely be dominated by the following trends so start learning as much as you can about them. This will help you to implement them as soon as possible.

Video Marketing

Out of all the online marketing techniques that are used right now, the one that will surely be big in 2019 will be video marketing. Around 80 percent of online content is going to eventually transform into visual representation. We can expect to see service and product overviews becoming humorous and entertaining.

Because of the fact that social media platforms and smartphones are more common than ever, video content is now being preferred. It will be used for everything from plumbing services like those of Fix It Right Plumbing to new products launched by industry giants like Apple.

Artificial Intelligence

Adobe was the first to point out the fact that we will see machines that are going to be as decisive as necessary to make highly strategic marketing decisions easier. Everything that will need to be done will be to put data on machine servers and then marketing strategies are going to be suggested. Customer behavior patterns are going to be analyzed and we can only imagine how much AI is going to influence the world of online marketing.

Automated Chatboxes

You surely already encountered chat boxes as you were surfing online websites. These are widely implemented and are applications of AI. In 2019 we will see the chat boxes being better than ever. They will be able to offer a much more personalized experience and according to IBM, by the end of 2019 we can expect over 80% of customer service interactions to be done with the use of machines.

Voice Search

Google Home and Alexa are the rave of the town. Research showed us that over 60 percent of smart gadget users highly appreciate these features. They keep using voice controlled assistants to make their lives easier. The way in which we surf data will surely change as more smart speakers are used.

Voice search will also change how SEO is done on websites since voice commands will need to be incorporated.

Advertising Patterns Changing – Internet More Important Than TV

People spend more and more time surfing internet TV with the use of their phones than staying in front of a TV set. It is expected to have people spend the same amount of time using the internet as they do watching TV at a global scale in 2019. This is important since advertising patterns are going to change. Television channels will start getting less as internet sites will be more widely used for modern advertising purposes.