How To Effectively Advertise on Your Website and Outside Your Website

Having SEO in your website is only the first step in getting your product or services to the masses. Advertisement is mandatory if you wish to see increases. Yet, you cannot haphazardly go into a marketing campaign. Using the proper strategies to advertise on your website and outside your website will have the best results. Here are a few things to get you started.

On your website

The best way to advertise on your website is through sharable content. By this it is meant that you build the visual content of your site to promote organic responses. Use Video, Blogs, Pictures and other content that your target audience can post and share on their social networks. As most purchasers will consult their social media friends and family prior to making a purchase, it is a most efficient way of getting your brand out there.

Implementing a rewards/referral program is another way in which to advertise on your website. Again, this is boosting the shares and the marketing campaign. The benefit of such advertisement is that you do not have to allocate funds to the marketing campaign, per say. Yes, you need to have resources for the reward, but such a reward could be a discount on products or services which would save you capital in marketing as well.

Offer subscriptions and email newsletters. While this may be seen as an outside advertisement strategy, it is really an onsite advertisement as (a) access to the subscription is only through your site and (b) you control the delivery and the email via your web service provider.

Outside of your website

Advertisement outside of your website is a bit more of a challenge to perform effectively. Generally, there are three main ways in which to increase your potential target audience and ROI on your marketing campaign.

First, use Facebook ads tactics to build a presence in the social media world. As Facebook has one of the largest social media presences in the world (closely followed by Google+), using such tactics is ideal for outside website advertisements.

Second, use Adwords to make your site appear higher in the SERPs and in service searches. There is a bit of a strategy to making your campaign. Primarily, you want to have long keyword phrases in the advertisement and limit your region. Some would say to open up the ad to all countries, but I have found that such is a waste of time and money. Focus on one sector at a time, determine the countries/regions which are open to your product and service and cater to that sector.

Finally, build inbound links. This requires that you have guest blogs and hyperlinks on other sites (not owned by you). The inbound links will grow your SERPs as well as your domain authority. The higher these numbers go, the more in demand you will become.

Where banners have a place, more people find them cumbersome and annoying for advertisement. Well though out Facebook ad tactics, google ads, and shareable content is preferred.