Dedicated Exchange Hosting Services

Dedicated exchange hosting services are necessary for every business that does not want to deal with backups on their network. When companies invest in an interoffice network, they can use servers that are shared by other businesses. These shared servers may create a lag in the response of the system. Also, these servers are not as secure because they are shared by other businesses.

A dedicated server provides many benefits to the business that relies on its network every day.


The speed of the system is determined by the number of people who are using the network. When the company is sharing with another business, there is no way to know what the other business is doing on the network. The business that uses a dedicated server knows how many people are using the network at one time. This helps the business determine the down times and busy times on the network. Also, the company can use this information to ask employees to stay off the network during certain hours.


The security of the system is heightened when the business is not sharing space with anyone else. As soon as another business shares the server, there are security concerns of the data that is held on that server. If a business can make sure every bit of data on their server is not corrupted, they can prevent problems in the future.


Requesting service on the server can be a unilateral move because the server is not shared by another business. If a business loses access to their server because of a service request from another business, that is lost productivity that was not anticipated. A dedicated server solves this problem by giving the business only one server to worry about.

When companies are looking for solid networks to use at the office, they must consider paying for a dedicated server. The speed, security and protection provided far outweighs the cost of these servers.