How Buying a Refurbished MacBook Can Save You Money

Apple MacBooks are some seriously powerful pieces of tech. They have gorgeous, lightweight designs, are renowned for their quality and suit just about everyone whether you’re a hardworking student, an office worker, or a DJ who likes to create their own tracks.

But the problem is, this quality is expensive. A brand new MacBook will retail for thousands of dollars meaning that if you’re on a budget, you just won’t be able to afford one. Or so you may think.

More and more people are turning to refurbished MacBooks as a more affordable way to get their hands on Apple tech. These refurbished systems have been tested, cleaned, and repaired and work as good as new but you can buy them for a fraction of the price. Let’s take a look at how buying refurbished can save you money.

Refurbished MacBooks Cost Less

The biggest and most obvious way that a refurbished MacBook can save you money is that they are sold for a lot less. Retailers are unable to sell a product as “brand new” if it has previously been used – even if it has only been owned for a week or even one day before being returned. Even demo units that you see on display in many computer stores are unable to be sold as brand new. So in order to still sell these products, retailers will dramatically slash the prices, allowing you to get your hands on some fantastic savings.

Shoppers can potentially save hundreds of dollars on a refurbished MacBook, with a wide range of MacBooks being offered as refurbished, including some more recently released devices. For example, you can get a refurbished MacBook Air 11 inch for as little as $329 which is a saving of $570 on the RRP (a saving of 63%), or, for a more powerful system, there are offers for a refurbished MacBook Pro 13 inch with a beautiful Retina screen for just $599 which is 50% off of the RRP.

It’s important to note that as there are so many different places where you can buy refurbished MacBooks, there are going to different deals and offers available to you. This includes different prices, different warranty plans, and even potential shipping costs. You’ll generally be making a significant saving on the RRP but these are important factors to consider too.

Don’t Have to Pay for Software Subscriptions

In addition to the brilliant, sleek design, Apple MacBooks are also known for the Mac operating system (MacOS(. This is what really sets MacBooks apart from their Windows PC counterparts. MacOS provides its users with access to some of the most useful software and apps around, which benefit you in the workplace, at home, as a student or even if you just enjoy playing around or using your MacBook as an entertainment hub.

Some of the most lauded software includes GarageBand, a premium music production app, the Pages word processor which offers everything you need to craft a wonderful essay or thinkpiece, and iMovie which is ideal for budding filmmakers and YouTubers. These pieces of software are just the tip of the iceberg – in addition to the default offerings from Apple itself, the Mac App Store provides you with even more access to trusted, helpful programs.

When you buy a refurbished MacBook, you immediately gain access to these programs (GarageBand, Pages, etc.) meaning that you get to enjoy all of the benefits of MacOS without having to pay the high cost of a brand new system. You will also save money on software compared to a Windows PC, where you may have to buy a Microsoft Office 365 subscription to access the software you want, and this may set you back by as much as $150 a year (for a Home and Student package). The money you save buying a MacBook with MacOS and its programs will vastly outweigh the Office 365 subscription in the long-term.

MacBooks Last Longer Than Windows PC

While buying a Windows PC is typically framed as a ‘purchase,’ when you buy a MacBook it’s seen as an investment. This is because of how long MacBooks last. Many longstanding MacBook owners will tell you that their aging MacBook has been in perfect working condition for years! While the device may have some scratches and other signs of general wear and tear, their MacBooks will have lasted then well over four years just by treating them properly.

Refurbished MacBooks have been tested extensively, having been cleaned, examined and repaired (if necessary), meaning that they too will be in excellent working condition. This is important from a cost-saving perspective as it means that come two, three, or four years down the line, your MacBook may still work fine meaning that you won’t have to pay for a replacement, as you may have to do when you buy a Windows PC.

Not only that but something unique to MacBooks is that they tend to retain their value with time. MacBooks are both collectible items that are valuable to avid Apple fans, but you will also be able to sell it in future to people who are also looking to save money when buying a MacBook. Buying a MacBook really is an investment and with a refurbished MacBook you can both save money and make money.