5 Critical Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Design Company

Think of your website as a marketing tool and your web designer as a partner to getting this tool setup. With this mindset, you can see how essential it is to hire a web design company that is the best fit for your business and also sees themselves as your partner.

Now, the real task is in developing a process that enables you to sieve through the plethora of online and offline firms parading themselves as website design companies.

To help you this regards, here are five must-ask questions you need before contracting a web design company.

  1. Can I see your portfolio?

This should be the first question to ask – from here you can assess the design style of the company and also get an idea of their capability. You should be able to determine whether they can deliver the kind of design you want.

Other aspects to check out include the performances of the sites, how easy it is to use them; whether the designs are current and modern, and how well suited the designs are for the business type.

  1. Do you have case studies to show what results your web design service provided for businesses?

Remember your website is a marketing tool, so it is important to hire a company that has a proven record of generating leads and revenues for businesses through their web design services.

The case studies should provide specific metrics measured and KPIs achieved – that way you would be able to gauge the impact of their efforts. Some of the parameters to look out for include: percentage of online sales, percentage, and the number of leads generated, etc.

  1. If we hire your company, what strategies will you use to generate revenue for my site?

It is essential you know up-front the strategies the company is going to implement to boost your online revenue. At least with the information provided, you can monitor what is going on. And will be able to ask questions when you start noticing activities that look suspicious.

  1. Do you handle the whole project process in-house or outsource?

Knowing whether the firm you intend hiring handles all the design process or outsource gives you an idea of their process and what to expect in terms of delivery time and this will allow you make allowance for some delays that might arise.

Some companies may be proficient in back-end development but work with external web designers or freelancers to get projects complete. Having this information goes a long way in preventing surprises when you finally hire them.

  1. Where do you get design inspiration?

Remember you are trying to get a complete picture of the process and culture of this company. Asking this question provides you with a glimpse into the internal workings of the company and also boosts your confidence to hire them.

Wrapping it up

Just as you don’t hire the first employee that walks into your office – at least not until you’ve interviewed and have gotten a fair impression of who they are so it is with hiring a web designing agency to handle your company’s website.

Let these questions guide you in contracting a firm that is a best fit for you and while at it check out DesignRush.com for industry specific modern designs.