Starting Your Own WordPress Blog to Help Students Study

If you are a teacher, or an experienced professional public health worker with a MPH degree that is looking to help fellow students get on the same career path, setting up your own WordPress blog could be the way forward. Having a WordPress blog will make it very easy for you to write articles on your own experiences in life, and you’ll be able to help many students looking to research information on the industry. If you do not know how to set-up your own WordPress blog, have a look at some of the steps to take below.

Buy a Domain

First of all, you’ll want to come up with a domain name for your blog that is something short and catchy. Whatever domain extension you choose is up to you, but getting a .com is always best, as it is currently the most popular domain extension. There are many domain registrars to choose from that will be more than happy to help you in getting your domain online.

Get Some Web Hosting

After you have purchased a domain you will need web hosting from a web hosting provider, and then point your domain name to their hosting name servers. This will give you a way to store all of your WordPress files, and more importantly, it will give you a chance to get your website online.

Install WordPress Easily

WordPress is now very easy to install, depending on the web hosting provider you have chosen to host your website with, as many hosts have a control panel that offers one-click script installations, WordPress often being one of them. Ask your host for advice on this and you’ll find that your WordPress blog will be setup within minutes. If your host doesn’t offer this option, then unfortunately you’ll need to spend some time installing WordPress manually, but there are many helpful guides available that will show you how it’s done.

Download a Theme and Some Plugins

You may want to change the theme of your WordPress blog, so you will be happy to know there are thousands of resources when it comes to free WordPress themes and plugins. Once you have chosen your theme, you will be able to install and activate the theme easily in the WordPress Admin Panel. Consider having a look at the plugin database to see if there are any plugins that will make your management of the WordPress blog even easier.

Alter WordPress Settings

All that’s left to do is to alter some of the settings in the admin panel of your new WordPress blog. The panel will explain what each individual setting does, so you will be able to change settings to suit your needs easily.

The above is just a guide that will help you setup your own WordPress blog with ease, so you can offer help, guides, and information to students looking to study for a public health degree online. You can update your WordPress blog as little or as much as you like, and you can even signup with a Pay Per Click affiliate so you can start earning an income from displaying advertisements.