Preparing For Your Next Design Sprint

Design sprints let companies accomplish big things in just a few days. Design sprints are all about checking off tasks and making big changes in a short amount of time. These sprints of progress might sound like too good to be true. They might even sound a little exhausting. When you take the right steps to prepare for a design sprint, you come out on top.

Here are the steps you should take to prepare for your next design sprint to ensure you see the most progress during your sprint!

What is a design sprint?

Before we can get into the step you should take before your design sprint, let’s nail down exactly what it means to do a design sprint. A design sprint is a five-day process that answers big business questions including design, prototype, and even customer testing. This sprint started at Google, and now these team leaders share their winning process on their website so other businesses can do their own sprints.

Is a design sprint right for you? While design sprints are a great way to get work done quickly, they aren’t right for every business all the time. A design sprint can help your business and your team if you’re in a time crunch or you have a big problem that needs a big solution. If you’ve been struggling to overcome an obstacle for a while now, that might be an indicator it’s time to start sprinting! If you’ve decided a design sprint is right for your business, keep reading to learn what you need to prepare for success.

Create a team

Design sprints rely 100% on the team to succeed. You need to create the perfect team if you want to get the most out of your sprint. You should have between 3 to 7 people in your optimal team, and you’ll need to form some kind of leadership within your team. Select one leader within your group who will ultimately decide on the big things and another leader who will lead discussions. Try to make your team as well-rounded as possible to make the most of your sprint. That means including the best experts from around your business, including marketing experts, tech experts, and more.

Decide on your workspace

Your sprint needs a dedicated workplace. Your team needs a place free from distractions and outside influence in order to make the most of their limited time. Consider limiting access to smartphones or computers as needed to avoid unnecessary distractions. Your workspace should be optimized for collaboration and that means having all the right tools. Whiteboards, notebooks, sticky notes or whatever else your team needs should be ready to go. Don’t forget healthy snacks and meals to keep energy levels high!

Use the best resources

While you should limit unnecessary distractions, there are some tech tools that can be a huge help during a design sprint. There are many iPhone 7 apps that spark creativity and help with note taking and record keeping. Trello, Evernote, and even just a smartphone timer can help keep everyone organized and on task throughout each day during the program. Encourage your team to take advantage of these resources during the five-day sprint!

Sprint your way to business success!

More and more businesses are seeing the value of design sprints for themselves. Sometimes these sprints are just what you need to break down boundaries you didn’t even know you had in your business. If you’re planning your next design sprint, don’t forget about preparing your team, your workspace and your resources in order to have the best possible progress over your five days!