Best Themes for a Joomla Website

With today’s technology, the majority of individuals utilize the power of the Internet day after day, whether for shopping, blogging, or even just reading the news. It is a great tool for businesses and customers alike, and many factors have to be considered when creating a website. A significantly important step in the process of creating a website is to select a theme that incorporates many of the features you need to make your business, blog, or another website both highly efficient and successful. This article will go over several of the best Joomla website themes available today.


Radon is a Joomla theme built using the Helix framework. It features several different page templates that can add more diversity to your site. It is outstanding in the field of administration features, giving admins a lot to work with. It is designed to look sleek and professional without too much clutter and does its job quite nicely. It is fully compatible with two different Joomla versions, both Joomla 2.5 and 3.x.

Helix II

The entirety of the Helix themes are based on, of course, the Helix framework. Helix II was developed by JoomShaper, who made it completely open source so that anyone can download it for free and utilize all of its features. Its design is highly professional, helping those who use it to create powerful, yet smooth websites with a business-style layout. It is highly responsive, meaning it works on both the computer and mobile devices flawlessly and comes standard with a set of useful shortcodes.


Takai is a simplistic, yet powerful Joomla website theme that was sponsored on the official demo page of Joomla’s well-known K2 extension back in 2012. The theme incorporates the best features of K2, and it is easy to download and install on your website within minutes. It is designed to be easy to handle for beginners while also being versatile enough for any experienced website builder. It supports both 2.5 and 3.x Joomla versions.


The nuModusVersus website theme was designed to be used with the latest Joomla version, but if you have not yet updated your website, it still fully supports Joomla version 2.5. The theme features a user-friendly that helps users navigate through the pages. It comes equipped with three different color scheme variations and a pack of professional-quality icons that could be used on the website’s front page.

Meet Gavern

This theme is well suited for a variety of business websites, with a professional-style two-column layout that is fully compatible with Joomla 3.2. The theme is widely used for business-related websites. It has a full-size landscape-oriented area above the fold for a wide image, which standardly comes with two buttons in the middle.


Magazine is a fairly light-weight Joomla website theme that is compatible with both the 2.5 and 3.3 versions of Joomla. It is fully responsive and looks great whether you are viewing it on a computer or mobile device. The theme provides you with a number of different page layout templates geared towards magazine and news websites, as the title would suggest.


Ulmus is a highly robust Joomla website theme that is rich in features designed for a number of different decoration companies. It features the recently popular parallax effect when scrolling and special loading effects that may aid in making your website seem more professional. The theme is fully compatible with every version of Joomla from the 3.0.x release to 3.3.x.


The Baseline website theme is a simplistic light-weight theme with a bright minimalist layout. While it does not have many major design elements, a call-to-action button resides in the center of the front page. It is fully compatible with both the 2.5 version of Joomla and the 3.x version.

Finding Good Web Hosting

When developing a website, at times it can be difficult to find the right web hosting for your site. There are some important aspects to take into consideration, though, which may help with the end decision. Cost is one of the largest aspects, you want a reasonable price, but sometimes a higher cost can lead to better quality hosting with more available features.

Another thing to take into consideration is security. You want your site to be safe in the event of the hosting provider being DDoSed or hacked into, or if something else goes wrong, so hosting that backs up your website frequently is always a nice thing to have, along with a strong firewall.

Optimized software and other speed-inducing features are always welcome, as they can keep your website from having prolonged loading times in some cases. These are all traits that you should consider when searching for a Joomla web hosting provider.

Final Verdict

Every one of the premium-quality Joomla website themes featured in this list is completely free for use with your website, with no string attached. Find the right theme for your website, and thoroughly research the available designs before making a final decision. In the end, both the website theme and Joomla web hosting provider you decide on should be based entirely on your own unique preferences.